Check out this page for the latest updates in our guest line-up. Actors, authors, comic writers and artists, directors, and local celebrities – we’ve got them all.

Autographs & Photographs

Autographs and photograph presales are now open!


It takes thousands of volunteer hours during the year to pull off the event. It takes over 350 people to run the event during the nerdiest weekend in Halifax. Be part of the fun and get to check out behind the scenes!



With a jam-packed 3-day convention, many con goers will want to stay on site. Check out this page for hotel deals, getting to/from the airport and downtown, plus contact info for our travel agent if you need help planning!


What is a convention without great memories? Our attendees captured some of their favourite convention moments, costumes, and community events from the past few years and posted them on out Facebook group for your viewing pleasure. Come check them out!

Local Events

Hal-Con isn’t just a convention. We are at the forefront of the geek community. We try to work with local partners to provide fun year round. Hal-Con has also put together a calendar of local geek events pulling from various groups and sources. Here you can find out what’s happen in the city!

More Info re: Photo Ops and Autographs

If you have prepurchased your autograph or photograph session this year, you will be able to get in line for the auto and photo session immediately; you will NOT have to wait in line to pick up a voucher nor will you pick it up at registration. You will proceed to the autograph and photograph area, join the line that you’re supposed to be in, and your bar coded ticket will be scanned by one of our volunteers to check you in. YOU MUST bring a print out of your ticket, we need to collect these for book keeping purposes.

For photo sessions there will be a form to fill out letting us know whether you are opting for the print or digital option for your photo op. If you are purchasing this at Hal-Con, you’ll fill it out at purchase time. If you have prepurchased your photo op, you will be given the form to fill out while you are waiting in line. This form will be handed to the photographers immediately before your photo is taken. This is how they will know if they are sending the photo to the printer or not, so please hold on to it.

Changes to Photo Ops!

We’ve made some changes to how we operate our photo ops, which will bring us inline with what happens at other conventions around North America. In the past, you’ve paid your fee, and this has given you access to a hi res digital copy of your print. For an additional $20 (proceeds of which were donated to a children’s charity) you could receive a printed copy of the photo. After consulation with our wonderful photographers, we’ve decided to switch things up. This year, your fee will include a colour 8×10 of your photo op printed out in under a minute on their new super fast printer. This will allow you to have almost instant access to your photo. For an additional $10, you can have also have access to the hi res digital copy of the photo OR another 8×10 print. We hope you like the changes we’ve made, we think it makes good sense, and believe it will make your photo op even more enjoyable!


Remember in 2012, when we all voted so diligently daily and won a lightsaber battle? And then it totally didn’t happen? And it was all sad and disappointing?

Well, we didn’t like that, and it’s bugged us for quite a while. So, now we’re making good on that promise on behalf of the folks who offered it up in the first place. Because we don’t like unfinished business.

Friday, Nov 7 evening (probably at 7pm, TBD) – if you have a pass with admission for that day – you can get a FREE (somewhat questionable quality) lightsaber! Warp speed pass holders, Friday pass holders, weekend pass holders, you have the chance to get FREE lightsaber from us. Just because it’s gonna be silly and fun.

There are 500 sabers, 250 each of red and blue. Referees will also be on site, in case of shenanigans, with wands made of stars.

The rules of said “battle” are also TBD – but it’ll be coming soon.

FREE LIGHTSABERS are available while supplies last, we only have 500 remember so it’s first come, first serve!

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