Check out this page for the latest updates in our guest line-up. Actors, authors, comic writers and artists, directors, and local celebrities – we’ve got them all.

Autographs & Photographs

Autographs and photograph presales are currently closed!


It takes thousands of volunteer hours during the year to pull off the event. It takes over 350 people to run the event during the nerdiest weekend in Halifax. Be part of the fun and get to check out behind the scenes!



With a jam-packed 3-day convention, many con goers will want to stay on site. Check out this page for hotel deals, getting to/from the airport and downtown, plus contact info for our travel agent if you need help planning!


What is a convention without great memories? Our attendees captured some of their favourite convention moments, costumes, and community events from the past few years and posted them on out Facebook group for your viewing pleasure. Come check them out!

Local Events

Hal-Con isn’t just a convention. We are at the forefront of the geek community. We try to work with local partners to provide fun year round. Hal-Con has also put together a calendar of local geek events pulling from various groups and sources. Here you can find out what’s happen in the city!

May the 4th Ticket Launch a Success

24 hours later, the dust is beginning to settle on our ticket launch. Warp Speed Passes were all in shopping carts in the first 20 seconds of the sale, with the last transaction finalized at 14 minutes, 9 seconds.  At the twelve hour mark over 50% of weekend passes were snatched up and we were completely sold out of discounted weekend passes.  27% of our total ticket inventory has been now been sold – in fact we’ve actually sold more tickets to Hal-Con 2015 than we had in total attendees for 2010!  We’re thrilled that you are as excited about this year as we are, and we promise to make Hal-Con 2015 the best ever!

And our newest guest is…John de Lancie!

John de Lancie has played many roles over his career but he is perhaps best known to Star Trek fans as Q, the omnipotent being that has appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager. His body of work in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy realm doesn’t doesn’t stop there however – Whovians will remember him as Allan Shapiro on Torchwood:Miracle Day, and Bronies might know him better as Discord, the spirit of disharmony! We hope you’re as excited as we are to welcome him as a guest to Hal-Con 2015!




Ticket Details!

Over the next couple of days, our social media is going to be flooded with questions about guests, tickets, vendors, and volunteering. As of right now we are 182 days from geek Christmas! We know you all have stuff you want to ask, and while Facebook and Twitter are great, if you need a definitive answer, your best bet is always to contact the appropriate team via email. Our addresses are here .

Common Questions

The most common questions we’ve been seeing of late (other than when is the next guest announcement) have been ticket related. Tickets will be going on sale May the 4th at 7pm. We’ll be selling them on our website  (which has been updated with all kinds of info as of this morning, go look!) or via the Eventbrite page You can create an account on their site, and that may help expedite the purchasing process for you. Tickets can be purchased with PayPal or a credit card using PayPal as the credit card processor. Paper tickets will be in store around the first week of July.

Early Entry for Weekend Pass and Warp Speed Pass

We’ve made a few changes from last year. We will still have early registration, but this year, the first 750 preregistered weekend pass holders as well as our Warp Speed Pass holders will be eligible for early admission.

Badges & Lanyards

Weekend pass purchasers will notice they have the option to purchase tickets with or without lanyards. We’re offering this option because we’ve got badges! There will still bracelets in order to prevent sharing but we think a badge will make a great souvenir too!

Warp Speed Pass Changes

We’ve also made a couple of important changes that affect Warp Speed Pass holders. In the past, we’ve allowed snapshots with the guests at the Stargazer Soiree. After receiving a great deal of feedback from special guests, we’ve come to the decision that we are no longer going to allow candid photography to take place during the party. We want the guests be able to feel comfortable while mingling with fans in a relaxed environment and we feel that our new policy is the best way to ensure this occurs. Last year we also experienced some confusion in regards to Warp Speeders having front of line access to panels and workshops. While Warp Speed Pass holders will continue to have front row access to the main stage area and other large events, we can’t allow the same for panels and workshops because of room size and logistics.

That’s about it – go visit the ticket page, bookmark it, admire it but don’t get too attached, we’re launching a new website not long after tickets go on sale! See you back here at noon with that Star Trek: TNG guest announcement!

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