Our Board

Joni Mattatall

Chair, Director of Communications
Talk to Joni if you need information on anything related to communications, marketing or advertising. Joni was born and raised in the booming metropolis that is Truro, Nova Scotia. She's an old school X-Phile, a Whedonite, and a Whovian who also gets chills when she hears the first chord of “Carry On My Wayward Son”. She has an excellent zombie plan and loves movies that earn a B on a good day. She reads books that are considered urban fantasy, but avoids ones that feature a lot of kissing and she also believes that vampires do not, under any circumstances, sparkle. She also spends much of her "free" time on social media representing Hal-Con on all its channels.

Travers Milo

Vice Chair, Director of Community Events
A Hal-Con original from Summer 2008, Travers was literally brought up on Star Trek and Star Wars as well as cartoons, comics ’n’ card games, but it all Really started when he started reading through his Dad’s ‘60s/’70s vintage MAD magazine collection. It was meant to be that his first date with future wife Leanne was LOTR Return of the King – ask him why he wears Two Rings of Power! When he hasn’t been in his superhero jammies, cosplaying as a Klingon, StarLord or even Darth Vader himself, Travers is part of Hal-Con’s Community Engagement Team, helping to share Hal-Con’s awesomeness with as many as possible – parades are a specialty!

Jennifer Lambe

Executive Director
From drawing robots on an ancient MS Paint, to playing through Zork, she was fording rivers before it was cool. High school brought a stint on the AV crew, learning Magic: The Gathering, and appreciation for fantasy literature. Moving from Ottawa to Halifax in her early 20’s gave her the opportunity to meet new people and learn about the geeky side of the Maritime city. With a background in travel, event planning and logistics, it was a natural match for Jennifer to join Hal-Con in March of 2009. Originally wearing about 15 hats (as many of the original board members did that first year), she was instrumental in turning the idea of a Halifax-based convention into a real, actual event. Now leading the team, she looks forward to a bright personal and professional future.

Travis Whalen

Director of Design
Travis is not your typical “geek.” He’s addicted to the internet and loves graphic design, anime and gaming. Travis admittedly has only seen two out of the six Star Wars films. One from the good trilogy and one from the bad and he has no plans to rectify this. Travis grew up in Cape Breton, NS and moved to Ottawa, ON when he was 19. Moving to the ‘big city’ gave him opportunity to live in a run-down apartment near the downtown core and gain substantial life experience. He met his now-wife in 2004 on a Livejournal dating group he created on the Internet and they moved to Halifax together in 2005.

Leanne Milo

Director of Promotions
Leanne Milo believes three things: all little girls should be self-rescuing princesses; Cylons are silver and shining; and Starbuck is a cute boy! Since she was very young, sci-fi and fantasy have been a part of her life; not too many young girls would fight to watch The Bionic Woman and Wonder Woman back in the 1970's. Encouraged to pursue her love of the genre by her father and favorite uncle, it eventually lead to meeting the love of her life (and partner in crime), Travers, as well as getting the chance to work with the special group of people who make up the board and committee of Hal-Con. With a unique talent for "herding cats", she can often been found at events wearing superhero themed pants, helping people get into costumes, occasionally applying sunscreen and taking pictures. With the help of her special team of cosplayers, any event Hal-Con participates in is always something special.

Nola Lamoureux Spierenburg

Director of Finance
While growing up near Charlottetown, PEI, Nola watched Star Trek reruns every week—but only because her mom kept telling her “this is the one where Kirk dies!” She has since grown to love Star Trek, and other geeky things, particularly Twin Peaksand Doctor Who. She and her husband got married on the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, in a completely Whovian wedding. Nola is not much of a gamer, but enjoys hanging out with them, which is fortunate as her husband and sons are generally on the gaming floor at Hal-Con. Her daughter, like her mom, is a bit of a geek-of-all-trades, and has been known to enjoy an RPG, cosplay, and other general geekiness. Nola works as an accountant in Dartmouth, and is an accounting geek. She believes a balance sheet is truly a thing of beauty. After getting a BSc, an MBA, and the CPA, CGA designation, she’s still trying to figure out how to get the rest of the alphabet.

Lisa MacIver

Director of Guest Relations and Travel Coordinator
Contact Lisa for all things Guest and Travel related! Having been part of Hal-Con since year one, Lisa has always been on the Guest Team, starting out as a Personal Assistant volunteer at the convention. She can thank her family for encouraging her geeky side - from her parents getting her into both original Star Trek and TNG, Sliders, and Quantum Leap, to her sister introducing her to X-Files, Buffy, and Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog. She is a hardcore fangirl of Supernatural, with some amazing photo ops with the boys that she will show anyone who asks (and even to those who don't)! Lisa spends her days as a Senior Travel Agent with Maritime Travel, and is the official Hal-Con Travel Agent, confirming travel for both guests and attendees. She hails from rural Nova Scotia, but also spent a few years living in Toronto. Living away made her realize Nova Scotia is home, and truly the place for her.

Shirley Jollimore

Director of Vendors
Shirley is a born-and-bred Nova Scotian, who makes her home among the Prospect communities. A descendant of rum runners and shopkeepers, she's a natural fit to lead our Vendor Team! She has a true envy of those with the talent to produce beautiful artwork in every medium, and is thrilled that Hal-Con provides space for local artisans to share their work. Her favourite thing about Hal-Con, and what drew her to volunteer in 2013, is the amazing supportive community that has grown around the Con. She joined the vendor team the next year, and fell in deep like with the artists, presenting societies and retailers that use Hal-Con as their showcase. This proud mom of three has an addiction to social media, coffee, and everything related to Harry Potter. Her collection of Horcrux necklaces is almost complete...as soon as she finds a Slytherin locket that isn't ugly. She recently joined the Anchor City Rollers as a roller derby newbie. She plans to make a team sometime in the next light year. She's been scuba diving and bungee jumping, but given the choice, she'll steal time at Kejimkujik National Park with her family...no phones, no lights, no motorcars.


Nelson, originally named Nee, is the robot of fun. Hailing from Teebius, Nelson decided his time would be better spent as Hal-Con’s mascot because the world on our side of the galaxy intrigued him more than his own. He grew up watching our TV shows and can quote every line from the gone-too-soon series Seaquest DSV. In his down time, Nelson likes to share a bowl of cereal with his BFF and roommate, a mouse named Zipper.