Become a Vendor

Vendor Information

So you want to be a Vendor at Hal-Con and get involved in the biggest science fiction and gaming convention in the Maritimes? You should know the 2019 Convention dates are October 25-27, 2019.

Application Information

Vendor applications are now being accepted for Hal-Con 2019. Please click here to fill out the application.

Below is a condensed list of what information you will need to provide or consider before you apply to become a vendor for 2019 at Hal-con:

  • Read the vendor information packet
  • Email address
    • Hal-Con will use the email address you provide during registration for all communication, including invoicing
  • Business name
    • This will be used on all printed materials and Hal-Con’s website – BE PRECISE!
  • Phone number (if available)
  • Website or social media site *publicly available*
    • Email photos/portfolios to if a website is not available
    • We use the information provided to make acceptance decisions – consider it part of your resume
  • Full disclosure of items for sale
    • Prepare one line that accurately and succinctly describes what you sell, or be prepared to select from a list of general subjects
  • Type of space (booth or table)
    • Limited to a maximum of two spaces per vendor (societies are limited to three)
    • 2nd and 3rd choices for type and location (Ballroom or Salon)
      • We do not guarantee location requests, but will factor in what we can to assignments
    • Each space comes with two vendor admission badges
      • An additional single pass per space may be purchased
    • Pricing (Condensed – subject to change)
      • All pricing is subject to HST
      • Premium spacing is an additional $25/space
      • 8×10 booth: $500
      • 8×8 booth: $450
      • 8×16 booth: $1000 (end row)
      • Table: $250
      • Double Table Corner (L-shape): $550
      • Double Table End-Cap: $625
      • Power:
        • Booths: Included
        • Table: $90 for single outlet (shared double outlet)
        • Double table (any configuration): $180 for double outlet
  • Insurance information
    • Proof of private insurance may be required depending on your wares
    • Any vendors who sell weapons, hot food, drink or other potentially hazardous materials will be required to show valid proof of private insurance and/or permits that cover their presence at the convention.
  • Sharing information
    • If accepted, the primary applicant will “own” the space
    • If you are sharing your space with another party, you must supply all of the same information
  • Web disclosure on Hal-Con’s website under Vendors
    • All vendors business names will be visible
    • We will be posting contact information for those who approve it (email, phone, web)

Early Registration:

Vendors in good standing from our 2018 event were able to apply for a limited number of early registration spaces for 2019. Invoices will go to those vendors for deposit in early December. The remaining spaces will be released for our general application process. Those who were successful will have the opportunity to apply for a limited number of premium (corner, endcap or high traffic locations) at an increased price. Please note: Sponsors of our event have first option on these spaces.

New Layout Coming!

We are taking all of the feedback from attendees, vendors, sponsors and volunteers, and will be revising our layout for 2019. Below are the tentative layouts for the Ballroom level. Remember, we always reserve the right to make changes for operational requirements.

2019-03-18 Ballroom Tentative Layout
2019-03-18 Fifth Floor Salon Tentative Layout

Please consider the theme of our convention when you apply – we are very much a geek-themed event, and we look for vendors who align with our theme.

We do not accept applications from the following organizations:

  • Multi-level marketing companies
  • Health and beauty products, unless they are specific to cosplay and align with our theme
  • Travel agents: we have an exclusive travel arrangement with Maritime Travel for 2019 and are not accepting other travel vendors

Consider following our Facebook and Twitter accounts for the latest information about our vendor offerings for 2019.

A Note About Food Vendors

We have not yet reached an agreement about food provision with our venue for 2019. We will post an update here prior to applications opening, if we will be accepting food vendors in 2019.

Important: all food vendors are responsible to research and obtain all necessary permits/licensing under Nova Scotia law to make/sell food for the public. Food Safety inspectors, and the venue, will ask to see those documents and it is your responsibility to produce them, or risk being shut down. No refunds will be made for any Vendor who is asked to leave the convention due to lack of compliance with those regulations.

Additional Notes About Our Vendor Selection Process

We’ve had some questions about how we select vendors for Hal-Con. We wish we could accept everyone, but space is limited, even with the planned expansion.

  • Our vendor team looks at every application and it is critical that the information you provide is accurate.
  • You must provide a link to your website or online portfolio as part of your application so we can see what you intend to sell
  • Filling in an application form does not guarantee vendor status for this event.
  • Prior participation does not guarantee vendor status for this event.
  • The time stamp on your application will not guarantee vendor status for this event, but will be taken into consideration as we endeavor to provide Hal-Con attendees a broad range of artwork and other goods for sale.

Time does matter. Historically, the majority of our applications are received the first day applications open. The first few hours, to be honest. We’re fortunate to have so many talented artists, crafters and quality retail vendors want to be part of Hal-Con. We wish we had room for everyone, but that is never the case. So everyone is clear, we wanted to share our process:

  • We look at the variety we have from 2018 vendors who have re-registered.
  • We will be looking first to identify specific gaps in what we have to offer our attendees and fill those from general applications.
  • We then go through the list based on timestamp, which records in thousandths of seconds the an application is received. The online system orders the applications automatically.
  • Incomplete applications are pulled out. Quick is good. Complete is critical. Your application will not be considered if information is missing, and we receive too many to send it back for completion. Please be accurate.

What we look for:

  • Variety, adding different types of vendors into the mix, including fandoms, genres of art and craftsmanship
  • Price point: trying to appeal to as many price points,It’s not an exact science, but it’s important both for our attendees and for our vendors.
  • Feedback from our attendees: we listen to what they tell us about our vendor areas, and observe shopping trends at Con.
  • Local market saturation: we have heard from attendees that they look for new and different items at Hal-Con, things they haven’t see at other local shows
  • Our own past relationships with vendors. We know that every year, vendors we know and appreciate are left out, and we are truly sorry when that has to happen.

Our focus is providing a vendor area that is filled with variety and amazing customer service for our attendees. That includes providing opportunity for local purchasers to see new and different offerings each year. We support local, Atlantic-based businesses and artists, but we also encourage vendors from across Canada, the US and other nations around the world to apply and bring their unique artistry and retail vision to Hal-Con. Once our spots are filled, remaining vendors are placed on a waitlist.

The Waitlist. Our waitlist process is not simply “by the numbers.” As vendor places open up, we try to replace them with a similar type of vendor; eg. a comic artist replaces a comic artist. We also look for any unique vendors that we weren’t able to include in the first round of approvals. Finally, timestamp on applications is used in determining successful waitlist applicants.

You will be contacted only if a space becomes available. Our successful applicants have until mid-summer to finalize their payment; waitlist clearing will begin at that time. We cannot predict when or if a space will become available.

Sponsorship: Occasionally a vendor wants to increase their profile at Hal-Con, or wants a presentation of space or product that exceeds what is offered as a regular vendor. We recommend you contact to inquire about sponsorship opportunities and discuss the level of investment you have to offer. Sponsorship space is limited, though, so early contact is essential!