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Vendor Information

So you want to be a Vendor at Hal-Con and get involved in the biggest science fiction and gaming convention in the Maritimes?

Applications open at 7 PM Atlantic time on February 26, 2017.

Please take some time to look over the Hal-Con 2017 – Vendor Packet – it is REQUIRED READING for all applicants, with all the pricing, policy and layout information you need.

We expect to send the first wave of acceptances (tentatively) March 18th, with invoicing sent by the end of March.
A minimum deposit of 25% is due within 10 days of the invoice or your spot will be reassigned and you will be placed on the waitlist.

Final balance due June 30, 2017.

We welcome applications from a variety of vendors. Please consider the theme of our convention when you apply.

Consider following our Facebook and Twitter accounts for the latest information about our vendor offerings for 2017.

Vendor Application

Once you’ve read over the Vendor Packet above you can find the Vendor Application here: Vendor Application Form (Sorry the applications are closed for 2017!)

Additional Notes About Our Vendor Selection Process

We’ve had some questions about how we select vendors for Hal-Con. We wish we could accept everyone, but space is limited, even with the expansion to the Scotiabank Centre.  Our vendor team looks at every application, link you provide, photo you might have emailed etc to make the best decision they can for our attendees.  It’s not an easy job, as you can imagine but they strive to create a good balance and are truly unbiased in the selection process.  Please remember as stated on the vendor application form – “filling in this form does not guarantee vendor status for this event. Prior participation does not guarantee vendor status for this event.The time stamp on your application will not guarantee vendor status for this event, but will be taken into consideration as we endeavor to provide Hal-Con attendees a broad range of artwork and other goods for sale.”

Time does matter.  Historically, the majority of our applications are received the first day applications open. The first few hours, to be honest. We’re fortunate to have so many talented artists, crafters and quality retail vendors want to be part of Hal-Con. We wish we had room for everyone, but that is never the case. So everyone is clear, we wanted to share our process:

Based on timestamp, we take roughly the first 30% of applications based on time of applications. The online system orders the applications automatically. Incomplete applications are pulled from that 30%. Quick is good…complete is better.

After those early bird spots are gone, we go through applications with an eye on variety, adding different types of vendors into the mix, trying to appeal to as many price points, fandoms, genres of art and craftsmanship. It’s not an exact science, but it’s important both for our attendees and for our vendors. Too much of any good thing will divide available sales, and we want your weekend to be successful too.

Past relationship.  We value the relationships with all of our former vendors, but having been here before does not guarantee a spot. We take lots of things into consideration: variety first, and feedback from our attendees second. We listen to what they tell us about our vendor areas, and observe shopping trends at Con. We consider local market saturation and factor in our own past relationships with vendors. We know that every year, vendors we know and appreciate are left out, and we are truly sorry when that has to happen. Our focus is providing a vendor area that is filled with variety and amazing customer service for our attendees. That includes providing opportunity for local purchasers to see new and different offerings each year. We support local, Atlantic-based businesses and artists, but we also encourage vendors from outside our own area to apply and bring their unique artistry and retail vision to Hal-Con.

Pictures paint a lot of words. There is a spot on the application where you can share a link to an online repository of what you want to sell at Hal-Con. Take advantage of this. Our ability to see what you sell does have impact. We aren’t looking to judge quality, but to understand the style of what you’re offering, again to ensure we have a broad spectrum of goods to offer. If we aren’t sure what you bring to the table, it’s harder for us to consider your application. Lots of free sites out there for photos:  Facebook, Tumblr, DeviantArt, Wix and Weebly sites have all helped us make decisions.

The Waitlist. Our waitlist process is not simply “by the numbers.” As vendor places open up,  we try to replace them will a similar type of vendor; eg. a comic artist replaces a comic artist. We also look for any unique vendors that we weren’t able to include in the first round of approvals. Finally, timestamp on applications is used in determining successful waitlist applicants.
You will be contacted only if a space becomes available. Our successful applicants have until mid-July to confirm their placement; waitlist clearing will begin at that time.