Doctor Who actor Gareth David-Lloyd joins Hal-Con’s guest line up!

We’re very excited to announce our next guest! This actor might be known to some of you as the voice of Solas in Dragon Age:Inquisition and Dragon Age: Inquisition Trespasser. Whovians however, will recognize him as Ianto Jones, part of the Torchwood Three who died (and broke our hearts) saving the world. Please welcome Gareth David-Lloyd to #halcon2018!

Theatre, television, movies, voice acting, progressive metal, and the heart of Captain Jack Harkness: Gareth David-Lloyd has conquered them all. Perhaps best known for his Doctor Who / Torchwood crossover role playing Ianto Jones, Gareth is also a SyFy regular and an accomplished voice actor. He is the voice of Solas in Dragon Age: Inquisition, which received over a dozen Game of the Year awards from various publications. Gareth played Dr. John Watson in The Asylum’s 2010 film take on Sherlock Holmes. Until the end of June 2018, he can be found thrilling (and slightly disturbing) audiences six days a week in the hit play Blueberry Toast at London’s Soho Theatre.