Please welcome CutiePieSensei to Hal-Con 2019!

Our next guest is a costume designer, model, and artist based out of Atlanta, GA.  By combining her love of gaming, comics, anime and art in general, this guest discovered that cosplay was the perfect outlet to unleash her creativity.  With each new costume, she strives to learn something new and loves tackling different challenges that come with each unique character; whether it is working with a material she never has used before or brushing up (literally) on her makeup skills. She recently has become known for using her illustrative skills to create custom mashup designs to further set her cosplays apart. She lives by a motto of positivity, and uses her platform to prove that anyone can cosplay whatever they want regardless of their race, gender, etc. Her impact has led to features with Marvel Becoming, Google, AFROPUNK, and even commercials in SyFy’s “It’s a Fan Thing” campaign.  Please welcome CutiePieSensei to Hal-Con 2019!