Scotiabank Centre — Main Entrance & Vendors

Please note that the vendor floor is open to attendees only – there is no access for the general public.

There has been a last-minute change to our Guests B area.


101. Out of the Broom Closet & Hats Gone Mad & Childs Play – Hobbies and Props
102. Out of the Broom Closet & Hats Gone Mad & Childs Play – Hobbies and Props
103. Blind Leviathan
104. Pinz’n’thingz
107. Chez Rhox
108. Chez Rhox
110. Hal-Con Merchandise
114. East Coast Toys and Games
201. Sense and SensibiliTea
202. Amethyst Boutique
203. Romantica Nocturnis Clothing
204. The Quarrelsome yeti
205. Rococo Neko
206. BigPfeiffer Collectibles
207. BigPfeiffer Collectibles
208. An Oddity or Two
209. An Oddity or Two
210. Sarah Christie Illustration
211. Mrs. Milligan’s Millinery & Haberdashery
212. the ikebana shop
213. the ikebana shop
214. House Mouse Handmade
301. Arcane Angel/Emerald Cauldron
302. Arcane Angel/Emerald Cauldron
303. Blade Runner 2049
304. Knick Nack Hobby Shack
307. Twisted Bunny Fine Arts
308. Peter Francis Gothic Art
310. North Maille
311. Monster Comic Lounge
312. Monster Comic Lounge
313. Icy Jewelery
314. Chapters
401. Wishcrafts by Marilyn
402. Halifax Henna
403. The Board Room Game Cafe
404. The Board Room Game Cafe
405. Kirt Silver
406. Kirt Silver
407. 5×5
408. Freux & Ramon Sierra
409. Giant Robot Comics
410. Giant Robot Comics
411. Samsung
412. Samsung
501. Merry Go Round Consignment Boutique
502. Vesuvius Media
503. Velvet Snow Accessories
504. Midnight Tailors Inc.
505. Frasers’ Vintage Sci-Fi Toys
506. Jo’s Jewelry
507. Vivacious Vixen Apparel
508. Vivacious Vixen Apparel
509. Darkmoon Productions
511. Razorthorne Studio
512. Sea Blue Jewlery
513. Sea Blue Jewlery
514. Red Moon Glassworks
601. Tyderium toys
602. Tyderium toys
603. Strange Adventures Comix & Curiosities
604. Strange Adventures Comix & Curiosities
605. Salt Air Glass
606. Salt Air Glass
607. Chop Shop Goods
608. Chop Shop Goods
609. Lost World Games, Toys & Records
610. Lost World Games, Toys & Records
611. Lemon Dogs Lemonade
612. Custom Curves
613. Premier Toys
614. Premier Toys
701. The Craft Smiths
702. April M Designs
703. HaS Hats n Tings
704. Rustic Revolution Pottery & Drunken Sailor Leatherworks
705. Weny Cutey
706. Laughing Panda H&T
707. Laughing Panda H&T
708. East Coast Fashion and Accessories
709. Nomad Posters
710. Nomad Posters
711. Grow Giant Games
712. The Metal Arts Guild of Nova Scotia
713. Cape & Cowl Comics & Collectibles
714. Cape & Cowl Comics & Collectibles
801. Chez Geeks
802. Gord’s Comics and Cards
803. Thibault and Sons
804. Thor’s Trinkets
806. Cake Babes
807. Canadian Forces
808. BeUNIQ
809. BeUNIQ
810. Darkly Darlings
811. Darkly Darlings
812. Ragnar the Trader
814. Angie’s Breathing Canvas
815. McCarthy Photographic
816. McCarthy Photographic


A1. Jules Verne Phantastical Society
A2. Jules Verne Phantastical Society
A3. Maritime Ghostbusters
A4. Maritime Ghostbusters
A5. NERO Armonia LARP
A6. NERO Armonia LARP
A7. NERO Armonia LARP
A8. Underworld LARP
A9. Underworld LARP
A10. Society for Creative Anachronism
A11. Society for Creative Anachronism
A12. Society for Creative Anachronism
A15. Maritime Heavy Armour
A16. Maritime Heavy Armour
B1. The Clockwork Hamster
B2. Flyknife Comics
B3. No Such Thing as Grown Ups & Moxy Fox Studio
B4. James Neish – Illustrator
B5. Three Stack Studio
B6. Eastern Watchmen
B7. Romantically Apocalyptic
B8. Romantically Apocalyptic
B9. Kuko Creations
B10. Kuko Creations
B11. Paintings From Outer Space
B12. Cheryl Delaney Lampwork and Chainmaille Artisan
B13. World Tea House
B14. Miriam Williams & Sabetha O’Brien
B15. Kindaw’s Art
B16. Julia Phillips Smith & Taryn Blackthorne
C1. Shannon Long & Anthony Mah
C2. LandsharkRAWR
C3. ChristieAnne
C4. Necromancer Press
C5. Brownrabbits
C6. Rawry & Pohly
C7. Adrienne Richey Art
C8. SAD Artworks
C9. Adorable Adoptables by Kayla
C10. Crabby Pants cloth diapers
C11. Sea Shepherd
C12. Angel Creations Art
C13. World Tea House
C14. Chrissi H & J.L.J.-F. Léger
C15. Brennan & Elise
C16. Brainslug Comics
D3. Psychosis
D4. Prodigious Poultry Productions
D5. Deena Draws
D6. Melanie Daigle Art
D7. Levo’s Arts
D8. CastleKeep Creations
D9. DeeRex Designs
D10. Radical Cat Creations & Furry Junk
D11. Kari Draws !
D12. Pincushion Cat Plushies
D13. Lemon Drop Crafts
D14. Wolf Butler Art & Software
D15. B.A Lee & J. Alan Russell
D16. Faery Ink Press
E1. Retroactive Prints
E2. Fools Rush In
E3. Copper Crown Creative
E4. Enby Art
E5. Daniel Luke & Shannon Perry
E6. Pixel-Nation
E7. Mythical Art Creations
E8. Sad-Skull Art
E9. Bill Macgregor Art
E10. Gillian Newland Illustration
E11. Gillian Newland Illustration
E12. Samantha Branch and Tomas Patlan
E13. Freak Show Studios
E14. Beccy Champagne & Jessie Moore
E15. Dorks in Dungeons
E16. Dorks in Dungeons
F1. Yanimator
F2. Aoi Artistry
F3. CK Russell
F4. Mystical Sanctuary 3D Printing
F5. Frecklestitches Embroidery & Dynamo Media
F6. Ruthie Delaney and Emily Payzant
F7. Egotistical-radio and Wyrmskin
F8. Art of Baker
F9. Sherry B’s Hand Bound Books
F10. B-Girl
F11. Above The Row
F12. Royal Astronomical Society of Canada – Halifax Centre
F13. Earrings By Ellen
F14. Design Corner
F16. Aurora Awards / CSFFA
G1. The Comic Works of Andrew Clark and Hal Hilden
G2. YarrHooked!
G3. Kirsten Stackhouse Illustration & Design
G4. Bag of Holdings
G5. Whiterend Creative
G6. Holland College School of Visual Arts (SVA)
G7. Holland College School of Visual Arts (SVA)
G8. Sylvan Learning Centre
G9. Nova Scotia Public Libraries
G11. Nocturne: Art at Night
G12. The Youth Project
G15. Miles Productions
G16. Adventure Books
H1. Adam Tupper Art
H2. Space & Time Collective
H3. FalseDelusion
H4. FalseDelusion
H5. Caitlin Benoit & Pete Delahunty
H6. Erin Tudball & Marlee Mitchell
H7. Kelly Barrie
H8. LeeshMae Art
H9. Crapstitch
H10. Squire Sword Standees
H11. Cameron Ax Art
H12. Jakface
H13. MyHandboundBooks
H14. MadHatterPlushies
H15. Byron Fortin
H16. Joel Duggan
I1. Star Ships Start Here
I2. Amy Spaulding
I3. The Littlest Pet Bakery
I4. Imperial Klingon Guard (IKG)
I5. Aubcon
I6. Ceesaw studios & Plush Mayhem
I7. Calder Kibyuk Designs
I8. Ashe Lynn Illustration
I9. Cute Cavu
I10. Sweet Sassy Molassie
I11. GeekWeddings
I12. Neil and Casey
I13. Liz Mac Illustration
I14. My Sweet Geek
I15. Vixie Bee
I16. Lanthea Cosplay

Guests A.

A1. Lateef Martin
A2. John Kovalic
A3. Fernando Ruiz
A4. Gisele Lagace
A5. Tony White / Chapterhouse
A6. Gerhard
A7. Tim Hanley
A8. Ryan North
A9. Piper Thibodeau
A10. Conor McCreery
A11. Spray Paint Art by Nathan Salmon

Guests B.

AN UNEXPECTED CHANGE! Please note that our wonderful cosplay Guests will now be located at tables where the map currently shows MONSTER ENERGY just above Registration. Our author Guests will still be located at the Guest B Tables that are still present where “B” tables 6 through 9 are currently on the map.

B1. Roy Wooley
B2. Nathan DeLuca
B3. Panterona
B4. Ri Care
B5. Kiss A Frog Cosplay
B6. Wuckajuice
B7. Author Autograph Booth
B8. Nicola R. White
B9. Ami McKay