Exciting news from the Hal-Con Arcade!

Hey everyone! Exciting news from the Hal-Con Arcade! We’re back this year, bigger and better than ever with more events, more systems, and more prizes!
This year we’ve gone all in on a new way to handle prizes in the Arcade, and we’re excited to finally announce our plans! We have events planned throughout the weekend ranging from simple challenges to full tournaments. Every single event awards tickets that can be redeemed at the Arcade Prize Counter towards over $2000.00 in prizes, including toys, candy, gift cards, comics, Hal-Con loot, and more! Special thanks to our friends at EB Games, Strange Adventures, The Last Game Store, and Lost World Games and Collectables for helping us out with prizes this year!


For major tournaments, we’ll be running:


Tetris and Dr. Mario
The Minecraft VR Finals
Hal-Con Novice Smash Open
Goldeneye 64 20th Anniversary Tournament
The Retro Rage Quit Challenge
Halo: Master Chief Collection Team Tournament
Mario Kart: Double Dash
Street Fighter V


and introducing the Hal-Con Pro Smash Open, a yearly rotating Smash Brothers tournament intended for the best of the best Smash players to prove their mettle. This year’s game is Super Smash Brothers Melee! The winner will have their name immortalized on a trophy for all to see!


But wait, there’s more! We’ll be running “Arcade Flash Events” all weekend. These short challenges run for a half hour to an hour and are not posted in the schedule! Think you can get the highest score in Nelsonmania? Last the longest in the Super Mario 64 Green Demon Challenge? The only way to find out what flash events are happening is to drop by the arcade. Participating only takes a few minutes and you’ll win valuable tickets for the prize counter! If we see you playing games, our volunteers might just issue a challenge for you on the spot!


Good luck! We look forward to seeing you at the Hal-Con Arcade this year. It’s only a week away!


(Pssst: The Prize Counter will be freshest on Friday and our biggest ticket event will be the Pro Smash Open on Sunday. I hear those might be really good times to try to get your pick of prizes).