The Great Canadian Board Game Blitz Returns to Hal-Con

The Great Canadian Board Game Blitz (GCBGB) returns to Hal-Con for the seventh straight year and will take place on Sunday, November 6, starting at 10 a.m.GCBGB

The GCBGB is a circuit of board game tournaments held at Canadian game conventions and retailers. Each participant plays different games of various lengths and complexities over the span of six to eight hours, collecting “blitz” points based on their finishing rank in each game. The points are used to determine the priority for choosing games to be played in following rounds and to determine the winner at the end of the tournament.

This year’s tournament will be a four-round event with prizes for Top Players, Most Sporting, among others. The first two rounds will feature games that take about 60 minutes to play. The third round features games that take about 90 minutes and last round features games that last around two hours.

The games chosen for the tournament are usually strategic Euro-style games like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Agricola and Power Grid, to name a few.

Games designed and/or published in Canada are also featured along with classics and newer games to the market. New participants as well as those new to the hobby of tabletop gaming are highly encouraged to enter the tournament as this is a great way to learn new games.

This year, in honour of our gaming guest Rodney Smith, there will be a game in each round that he has featured on his Watch it Played YouTube channel.

This is one of the few tournament events at Hal-Con that has preregistration. To preregister, please visit the tournament’s Facebook page and leave a message for tournament organizer, Michael Dorsey. If you do not have a Facebook account, you can also email your name to to register. This tournament only has space for 20 players, so don’t delay.