Barb & Robyn Durling

Barb and Robyn are Halifax costume artists; they are equal parts creative, tenacious, completely insane, and hot glue.

Robyn started her costuming journey in 2011, when a friend encouraged her to check out a little event called Hal-Con. As a long-time lover of Halloween, costumes, and videogames, Robyn jumped at the idea of creating a geeky costume. After a successful first year at Hal-Con, Robyn had caught the Cosplay bug and wanted to go bigger and better.

She did just that, however, with going bigger meant that she needed a little help carrying her gear, and getting into costume. The classic move was to ask mom for help. With Barb (the mom in question) being just as creative as Robyn, she jumped at the idea of helping out and being Robyn’s minion for the weekend. Barb even bought a ticket for Saturday to see what all the fuss was about, and needless to say, she was hooked.

As Robyn was preparing for her third year of Hal-Con, Barb joked that she was also preparing herself to become Robyn’s minion once again, an idea was born. Giddy with the thought of making a giant Minion suit, Barb and Robyn collaborated on creating just that. Barb, equipped with her very first cosplay, was now ready for her first full weekend of Hal-Con.

This was the true beginning of the dynamic duo, and they have only been getting bigger, better, and a little crazier ever year. Feel like cosplaying a character with no knees? No problem. What about a cosplay with no legs? No problem. What about cosplaying a character that isn’t a character at all but the entire embodiment of the movie? No problem? Barb and Robyn have never shied away from ridiculous. Simply knowing that their costumes would bring smiles to people’s faces is all the encouragement they needed.

They now are part of a wonderful group of costumed individuals called the Hal-Con Super Friends, who they join to do fundraisers, charitable events, and good causes. Barb and Robyn are always excited to get their picture taken and meet fellow cosplayers, geek, nerds, and fans alike. So if you see them at Hal-Con this year make sure to stop and say “Hi”.