Brendan Dunfee Jr.

In 2012 I was invited to check out Hal-Con for the first time. I only had a Stormtrooper hoodie and a pocket of cash but I had a great time attending a bunch of panels such as MHA’s armour making tutorials, the Q&A’s and the costume contest. I was hooked! But I never felt I had what it took to make anything. I then watched the infamous Heroes of Cosplay (a show I actually enjoyed!) and began to see some of the techniques and personalities of cosplay. A bunch of YouTube tutorials later and I was making my first costume, Darth Revan.. with only 21 days before Hal-Con 2013! I entered in the costume contest and placed 3rd in the Journeyman category! That was just the fire I needed to keep moving forward and as a result, placed in Masters the following year. I began to dabble in not only foam, but fabric, leather and thermoplastics as well! Before I knew it I was invited to join the Hal-Con Super Friends and now fundraise for events all over the city, often suiting up as the Dark Knight himself or other such Sithlords or bounty hunters. You can find me either on Instagram (@thesilverginge), on Twitter (@thesilverginge) or streaming a variety of video games on Check me out 🙂