Hal Hilden

Hal’s early comic writing works include issue MacSorly: RCMP #1, Dreamland 2047 #1 (co-creator owned) through Red Leaf Comics. He and his frequent collaborator Andrew Clark have worked together on a 3-page story called Ministers of Magic, which appeared in Dreamland 2047 #1, a 5-page epilogue in issue #2 of Andrew’s creator-owned series ADAM, The Leaf #13 (Red Leaf Comics), and they are working a new series created by Andrew called WAGS. Hal has also completed an eight page story of Beetle Girl (a granddaughter of the Golden Age Blue Beetle), and the introductory issue of Rotters, both for Lucky Comics. Both of these works are in the penciling stages. Hal has also teamed with artist Dragan Vignjevic on his Tales of the West series, and they hope to have issue #1 completed for Hal-Con.

Hal’s first pro work was creating and penning Political Power: Stephen Colbert, through Bluewater Comics. The comic is the unauthorized biography of the satirical political pundit and host of the Emmy-winning and recently ended Colbert Report, and now the host of The Late Show.

He has also dabbled in animation scripting, having penned a spec script for the now-defunct Wetsand Animation, mini-bios for Comic Art Community of many artists including Art Adams, Chris Bachalo, J. Scott Campbell, Alan Davis, Herb Trimpe, Ed Benes, Joe Chiodo, Jim Lee, John Cassaday, and the king, Jack Kirby), and finally, Hal has contributed a few articles to Jays Journal, an online site that follows the Toronto Blue Jays.