Halloween Parade

Parade Information

Anyone wishing to get involved with the parade can email us at parade@hal-con.com. If last year’s turnout is any indication, we expect this year’s Halloween Parade to be even more exciting. Halifax’s sci-fi scene always delivers some magic come parade time!

Start Time is to be at 11:00 AM Sharp, Rain OR Shine. Hal-Con will arrange for at least one branded tent but no other provision for protection of equipment or participants in case of inclement weather. Further, it is the responsibility of participants to arrange for transportation and/or parking before and after the Parade. Those travelling by car will need to plan ahead.

Date: October 28, 2017
Start Location: To Be Determined
End Location: To Be Determined
Organizer Setup: 9:00-10:00am
Group Entry Arrival / Marshaling: 10:00-10:30am
Group Entry Judging: 10:30-11:00am
Parade Start: 11:00am
Parade End (approximate): 12:00pm
Prize Winners Awarded: 12:00-12:30pm
Conclusion (approximate): 12:30pm
Facebook Event Page: Not Yet Available (check the FB event page for updates!)


To Be Determined


Entries will be judged by the Hal-Con 2016 Parade Judge(s). Awards and prizes will be presented in various categories: Most Colorful, Best Spirit, Most Humorous, Grand Marshal’s Pick, & Best Overall Entry.

Entrants will have award and prize information made available to them. Awards will be presented After the event at the New Central Library Front Plaza location, and publicized by Hal-Con in a press release and on our web-site.

Official Parade Rules & Regulations

The Parade is for Walking Groups Only

No passenger motorized vehicles are to be used. Guide animals are welcome, otherwise there will be no house or livestock animals included in the event. The 2016 Parade Route will be using sidewalks, therefore applicants are to keep safety and mobility concerns in mind regarding group sizes, decorations, flags and other equipment when planning their entries. Also, it is expected that ALL walkers complete the Parade Route from start to finish. Walkers are asked to maintain a constant pace while keeping pedestrian and traffic laws in mind. Halifax Regional Police will again lend assistance in the form of Two Extra Duty officers on motorcycles to the Organizers for this purpose.

No Fee Entry

There is NO FEE for rsvp to or entry into the 2016 Hal-Con Parade. It is Hal-Con’s own Parade event and the Organizers wish to carry it off as a way to have fun and say Thank You to all who enter, and who have attended and supported Hal-Con through the years.


Decorations, flags, banners and signs are invited and encouraged. We ask that banners be no more than eight feet wide and four feet high for safety concerns. All decorations, costuming, and other equipment is to contribute to a family-friendly parade entry. The organizers retain the right to reject any application or entry on Parade Day that does not meet regulations or conform to the description outlined above, or includes or presents any safety hazard or serious, ongoing concern to organizers and those participating. If you have any questions on this, you are welcome to email “parade@hal-con.com” for information and/or clarification. As well, information and updates are on FaceBook.

Safety & Respect of Spectators

The safety and respect of organizers, participants, spectators and the public must be respected at all times. By law of HRM, no entry or person may distribute any kind of written or printed items, or any food items, while on the Parade Route. Further, all Parade participants are to be organized and well-mannered at all times before, during and after the event. Any alcohol or illegal drug consumptions or possession is forbidden, before, during, or after related festivities. Any individuals who do not comply will be dismissed from the Parade and turned over to proper authorities.

Injury or Damages

Hal-Con will not be held responsible for any injury or damages to participants or equipment prior to, during, and after the Parade event. Hal-Con recognizes that Parade participants are undertaking an outdoor, physical activity that presents potential for injury. However, it is to be understood by all participants and/or guardians that they do so at their own risk.

Entrant Information

Accepted entrant groups will have copies of information on line-up instructions, line-up location and number, maps, etc., made available to them prior to Parade Start Time.

The Parade Marshal has final authority over the Parade.

With all these regulations above, there is one rule Hal-Con wants everyone to meet – HAVE FUN! After having been in so many Halifax and area parades in recent years and receiving so much year-round support from so many, Hal-Con wants to give back and let you have the spotlight in your very own parade event. Halifax has so many diverse, creative, fun people and we want to give you the chance to show that.