Hal-Con welcomes VFX Artist Jennifer Maillet!

Visual FX artists are the people who help make movie and tv magic. Using their skills, they help a director achieve things that just can’t be accomplished on film. Our next guest has done just that on a variety of very recognizable movies and tv shows. Please welcome VFX artist Jennifer Maillet to #halcon2018!

With over 8 years experience in visual effects, Jennifer Maillet has worked on many shows including Star Trek Discovery, Vikings, The Runaways, Orphan Black, The Gifted, and The Walking Dead, and feature films such as Harry Potter, Elysium, Into the Woods and Flatliners. She was also part of the team that won a Canadian Screen Award for Outstanding Achievement in Visual Effects for the series Vikings.

She currently works for Spin VFX, an award winning studio in Toronto. She is also Editor in Chief and owner of the newly published Geek Enthusiast Magazine, a Canadian Geek culture magazine.