Illustrator and Comic Artist Marguerite Sauvage appearing at Hal-Con 2017

We are excited to welcome illustrator and comic artist Marguerite Sauvage to Hal-Con 2017! Marguerite Sauvage began in advertising (Apple, Field Marshal, Citroen, etc.), press (Elle, Cosmopolitan, Flaunt, etc.) and publishing (Penguin, Hachette). In 2008 she worked then in parallel for the animation industry (concept artist and script writer) and for European bande dessinée.

In 2014 her work was spotted by Vertigo and she started a career in comics on the covers for Hinterkind. She debuted sequential art on Wonder Woman Sensation Comics and then initiated DC Bombshells series with Marguerite Bennet in August 2015. Her work is visible both on covers and in sequential art for Marvel (Secret Wars, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, 1602 Witch Hunter Angela, Captain America, Hellcat), DarkHorse (Zodiac Starforce), Image (Wayward, Wicked and Divine), Dynamite (Red Sonja), Valliant (Ninjak) and Oni Press.

Her monthly work includes Faith (Valiant Comics) and she has also recently worked on an issue of Scarlet Witch and Unfollow (Vertigo). She will be part of the upcoming anthology Civil Wars: Choosing Sides for Marvel.