Happy Star Wars Day – author Alexander Freed is coming to Hal-Con 2017!

It seemed appropriate that we announce this author today – please help us welcome Alexander Freed to Hal-Con 2017!

New York Times bestselling author Alexander Freed has worked as a writer and editor in the realms of video games, novels, and comics for over a decade. His video game work includes six years spent at BioWare as well as time consulting with Kabam, Obsidian Entertainment, Stoic, WB Games Montréal, and many others. He has contributed to franchises such as Dragon Age and Mass Effect and worked extensively on products set in the Star Wars universe, including the novels Star Wars: Battlefront: Twilight Company, the novelization of the film Rogue One, and the game Star Wars: The Old Republic.http://hal-con.com/guests/alexander-freed