Volunteer at Hal-Con

Hal-Con is 99% run on volunteer power, and without our fantastic volunteers each year we simply would not be able to have such an amazing event. We thank you for your interest to help keep Atlantic Canada’s biggest sci-fi and gaming con going. This year we will be notifying applicants as we slot them into roles. We reserve the right to turn away applicants we feel do not suit a role, or because we have filled all of our volunteer needs. As noted in each section, some positions require you to pass an interview.

Please only apply through 1 application, unless otherwise advised by a lead!

Please note only positions that require additional screening, such as a background check, or Child Registry Check will note in description. If you do not have the necessary background checks already, we will still be reviewing all applications, as this is only required for a small subset of volunteers

Important dates for 2019:

Applications go online: April 8, 2019
Application responses: By May 5, 2019 for those who apply early
Applications close: TBA, as positions fill

General training dates:
September 21 2:00-4:30 pm
September 22 2:00-4:30 pm (ASL Interpreters will be available at this session) (This was changed from October 9th previously)
September 29 2:00-4:30 pm
October 9 7:00-9:30 pm

Guest Team training:
September 28th, 1pm-5pm at the McPhee Centre in Dartmouth

Programming and Tech Team training:
September 28 1:00 – 3:30 pm

Gaming Team training: TBA (delivered in a PDF format via email)

Programming & Tech Team

Backstage Technicians
Technical skills and experience required! You will be working backstage of the main stage, assist with the technical companies’ set-up and strike as necessary. You will need to problem solve issues with technical gear, and work fast, efficiently, quietly, with decorum and respect. You must take direction and also be able to work independently as well as part of a team. This position involves moving stage furnishings and setting the stage as required. Please note that applicants for this position may be asked to undergo additional screening.

Front of House
Would you like a prime location in seeing mainstage events? The Front of House volunteers are responsible for assisting with crowd control, capacity checks and making sure that mainstage runs smoothly, safely and on time. As a part of the technical team, you may also be asked to perform other duties as required. You must take direction and also be able to work independently as well as part of a team. Please note that applicants for this position may be asked to undergo additional screening.

Panel Room Technicians
This integral position is for those who enjoy watching panels and can balance multiple tasks and responsibilities. On this team you will help with the set-up and tear-down of panels, be support for the presenters, as well as assist the audience in entering and exiting the panel room. With the help of a trusty, not yet rusty tablet, you will also keep track of attendance, timing, issues, and audience response. Basic knowledge of Windows is an asset as well as the ability to freeze time. Please note that applicants may be asked to undergo additional screening.

Costume Contest Wrangler
Join the glorious madness that is the Costume Contest! You will be one of the few, the chosen, the destined to work behind the scenes to help make this awesome event even more awesome. Bring your big smiles and your shiniest most comfortable shoes because you my friend are in for one heck of a wild ride.

*Depending on where you are assigned for this position you may have to work in other areas to fulfill your required volunteer time.

General Volunteers

Set-up/Tear Down Squad
We need volunteers with plenty of energy to move items from point A to point B on Thursday and Friday, before Hal-Con opens to the public. On Sunday evening after the con closes, items need to go back from point B to point A.

Info Desk and Greeters
Located at the Info Desk and near entrance points, you are responsible for directing all attendees to where they need to go. People will come to you if they are lost and/or need more information. Put a smile on, enjoy the costumes and have fun!

Hospitality Team
These are the people that will keep the volunteers fed. Reporting to the Hospitality Coordinator, you will assist with accepting meals from the outside vendors, collecting meal vouchers, distributing meals to volunteers and delivering them to the other volunteer rooms/teams. Shifts are scattered throughout the day, surrounding our peak meals times.The ability to do some heavy lifting is useful but not a requirement in this role.

Registration Desk
Bring a smile and a friendly attitude, and become one of Hal-Cons Registration team members! The Registration team is often the first Hal-Con representatives that attendees interact with, so a positive first impression is a must. Customer service skills are very important. Duties involve scanning tickets, attaching bracelets/badges, handing out Welcome Bags, and answering questions. Some cash handling may be required, as well as using a debit terminal.

Merch Booth
Sell, Sell, Sell! As a Merch-Booth volunteer, your primary role will be selling Hal-Con’s branded merchandise to eager Hal-Con fans! Other duties may include helping to set up the booth, creating attractive, eye catching displays, and tracking inventory using our point of sale system. Experience with cash handling, retail customer service, and POS applications would be helpful.

Press Desk
Pride yourself in your great customer service skills? We’re looking for volunteers for our Press Desk. These volunteers are responsible for greeting the press as they arrive at Hal-Con, passing out press passes, keeping track of what press are in the building, answering any questions they may have regarding their access and working with our Director of Communications and Media Relations Manager. The Press Desk also acts as the lost and found and an info desk, so Press Desk volunteers would assume some of those duties as needed. To apply for this position, please email jarrod@hal-con.com with the subject Press Desk Application. Please attach your resume and include a paragraph about why you’d be a great fit. Applicants for this role may be interviewed before being accepted.

Social Media Street Team
We are looking for individuals with some social media savvy to join our team during Hal-Con! Your job will be to explore the convention – tweeting, Instagramming and just generally sharing your excitement! If this position interests you, email jarrod@hal-con.com with the subject Social Media Team Application. Please attach your resume and include a paragraph about why you’d be a great fit. Applicants for this role may be interviewed before being accepted.


For the below positions, please use the general application and choose the appropriate drop down.

Can you drive a large vehicle with grace and honour? Drivers will be asked to drive around the city during the con to pick up things like coffee and get important people to where they need to go. Drivers can apply on the General Volunteer application.

Being a Runner means being available and enthusiastic. You are a general resource for the staff and other volunteers. You can expect to lift, move and/or transport things, and usher con participants to and fro in order to keep passageways clear. Since you will need to move around and be available to everyone, you will also get to interact both volunteers and con-goers. (Lots of new friend potential!) Comfortable shoes and lots of energy required.

Communications (Comms)
The heart of internal communications at Hal-Con. The Comms team is responsible for signing out radios, relaying messages between teams and making sure fresh radio batteries get to the people that need them. A cool head, high degree of organization and the ability to listen to multiple things at once are all vital skills.

Area Monitor
Hal-Con Area Monitors remain alert and aware at their assigned post throughout their shifts. Playing the role of an NPC, they answer common but important questions like “where is the nearest bathroom?”. Area Monitors are often called upon to help the other Hal-Con volunteers, offer some crowd control support to keep the masses flowing and are the proud guardians of the hallowed Hal-Con halls. Ideal candidates for this role are friendly, helpful, keen of eye, and capable of providing excellent customer service.

Coca-Cola Booth
As one of our presenting sponsors, Coca-Cola will have a booth with Coca-Cola products such as chips and pop for sale to our attendees. A candidate for this position should be comfortable handling money. Customer service is key. The ability to do some heavy lifting is useful, as you will be handling flats of pop. You are not only representing Hal-Con, but also Coca-Cola.

The Hal-Con imaging labs is always on the lookout for passionate individuals to join it’s team of photographers. The position involves covering specific events as well as general coverage of the entire convention. Because of this volunteers are on duty all weekend, at all times, but have the freedom to explore the con as well. You must have your own Equipment (DSLR and Flash). Photography is one of the only volunteer positions that involves approaching and interacting with our attendees (instead of them choosing to approach us) and therefore not only requires skill with the camera, but good people skills as well. If you love taking pictures and want to be part of the Hal-Con team, this could be the place for you! To apply with samples of your work or if you have any questions email carolyn@hal-con.com

Guest Team

Guest Personal Assistants
Chosen by our Guest Coordinator after an interview process, PA’s work closely with their assigned guest, and love every minute of it. You’ll work hand in hand with an assigned guest and have the privilege of ensuring they have everything they need to have a good time at Hal-Con. This is a 24-hour commitment for up to four days. All applicants must be at least 19 years old to apply.

Personal Assistant Runner
It’s the PA Runner’s job to assist the PA’s in ensuring the comfort of the guests. This includes a little bit of everything from running errands, performing line control, selling tickets for autographs/photographs, and answering questions, etc. This is a limited position, and is subject to additional screening. Wearing comfortable shoes is key.

Gaming Volunteers

Gaming Info Desk
The brains of the operation in the Gaming Kingdom of Hal-Con, the fountain of infinite knowledge is where these volunteers reside. Check with them before putting your Portable Hole inside of your Bag of Holding.

Gaming Floor Monitor
Adventurers in a dungeon rarely go the correct way the first time around. This is where these helpful NPCs come in, helping people find the room that they’re looking for, or warding people away from danger! The best volunteers for the job are those who like dealing with people and have excellent customer service skills.

RPG Game Masters
The main attraction! Whether it’s crawling through creepy dungeons with crazy companions or shooting aliens in on a strange new planet, these folks have all the fun.

Board Game Demonstrators
Show off your favourite board game by teaching people who are new to it how to play. This position offers hours and hours of preaching the rules (and fun!).

Board Game Librarian
Sign out board games! Sign them back in! As a librarian, you will be in charge of maintaining the board game library throughout the convention that can be played throughout the convention time.

Video Game Monitor
These people keep it fair and square for everyone involved in the Video Gaming section. You will also have to be vigilant and guard the systems and televisions from the wrath of an upset gamer.

Gaming Seminars
Explain in full detail the best way to become a Tetris master, or teach a class on how to be the greatest Dungeon Master around. Share your expertise with the world!

Volunteering Rules

Of course, there are rules that come with volunteering. Here is a quick summary of the rules that come with volunteering. Once you become a Hal-Con volunteer, we will discuss the following in greater detail with you:

  • Arriving to your shift intoxicated and consuming alcohol/cannabis during the convention is prohibited (exceptions made for the Soiree). This rule also applies to recreational drug use.
  • No harassing guests, attendees, or other volunteers in any way shape or form.
  • No theft (duh)
  • No abusing volunteer privileges. Including but not limited to:
    • allowing people to access the convention who don’t have tickets or passes
    • accessing restricted areas
    • using your volunteer status to network with, and/or
    • showing your work to guests for personal gain
  • Your volunteer t-shirt must remain visible at all times when you are on duty. No face-obscuring masks either please!
  • Make sure you know who your team lead is so you are able to ask questions and get help when needed.
  • When off-duty, volunteer t-shirt must be removed or covered. Volunteers seen in-line for autographs or photographs while wearing volunteer t-shirts will be removed from the line and asked to change.

Volunteer Application
It takes thousands of volunteer hours during the year and over 350 people to run the event during the nerdiest weekend in Halifax. Be part of the fun and get to check out behind the scenes!

We have separated our applications into four major categories: Gaming, General, Technical, and Personal Assistants. Applicants will be notified in batches as to their approval. Please keep in mind that we are all volunteers who have day jobs, so we are unable to respond to each application immediately. We anticipate providing updates every few weeks.

Once accepted as a volunteer, volunteers are expected to attend at least one general training session, unless they are unable to due to work or illness. If such circumstances arise, we ask that you get in contact with us so that we can provide you with the appropriate materials needed. Volunteers must also attend one of the walkthroughs of the convention centre that occur prior to the event itself, generally the day before. Some areas of volunteering may also be subjected to interviews or criminal record checks before they are accepted completely.


We ask that our volunteers commit to 12 hours in total over the convention weekend. In exchange, our volunteers will be fed during peak meal times and provided snacks and drinks during the duration of their shift and will be given free weekend passes for their time and dedication to the convention. Please note that those with dietary restrictions, though we try our best to ensure you have something to eat, we cannot guarantee that your specifics needs will be met. We provide a microwave and fridge on site, for those who will need to bring their own snacks.

Please also note that you will be expected to perform the duties of whichever role you are assigned. If there is something you are uncomfortable with, please make us aware ahead of time so we can make alternative arrangements. Otherwise, by applying you agree that you understand that the assigned duties of your role are a requirement of volunteering.

Non-compliance to the rules stated here and later covered in-depth via training or documents sent through email will result in removal of volunteer status, at which point the T-shirt and weekend pass received for volunteering are confiscated. Anyone removed from volunteering is also subject to being added to the banned volunteer list without notice. We reserve the right to accept or reject volunteers as we see fit.

Before filling out your application, please take a moment to look over our Volunteering at Hal-Con 101.

Choose Your Destiny

Please complete only one application. Once you hear back whether or not you are successful in your first application, you can then apply for another position.

Choose a form below:
General Volunteer Application Form (Closed)
Programming & Technical Team Application (Closed)
Guest Team Application Form (Closed)
Gaming Volunteer Application Form (Closed)

Special Application:
Photography: apply to carolyn@hal-con.com before completing the online form.
Press Team and Social Media Team: apply to jarrod@hal-con.com before completing the online form.