Volunteering at Hal-Con 101


Thank you for choosing to volunteer for Hal-Con. As a Hal-Con volunteer you are expected to present yourself in a respectful, proper manner, as you are representing Hal-Con, the biggest science fiction convention in the Maritimes, and a large part of the success of the event rides on the performance and conduct of the volunteers.

As a volunteer, you are expected to listen to and respond to directions from your team leader. If you have any concerns or questions about something you are asked to do, do not hesitate to ask for clarification. It will not be tolerated if you choose to disregard instructions, requests or orders from anyone who has been identified to you as a figure of authority.

When interacting with VIP guests, Vendors, and Attendees, you must be respectful and polite as you are representing Hal-Con. If you are asked a question you are unable to answer, ask any of the team leaders and they will get you the answer. If there is an issue that you are not equipped to deal with, immediately report it to your team lead.

Although there is not a strict dress code, during your volunteer shift, it is very important that you wear your “uniform”, which is the volunteer shirt, and the rest of your outfit must be clean/tidy. Your volunteer shirt must be visible at all times. (No sweaters or anything that would cover either side of it unless you need to go outside of the building). You may not alter your volunteer shirt by cutting it, writing on it or defacing it in any way. You cannot be in costume or wear a mask that obscures your face during your volunteer shift.

If you have a problem with any other volunteer, please see your team lead or the volunteer coordinator. It is extremely important to report any issues such as another volunteer who is being disrespectful, acting inappropriate, or breaking any other rules to your team leader or another figure of authority immediately. There is no time during Hal-Con for personal drama, and there is a zero tolerance policy for it.

If there is found to be any disrespect towards any person based on gender, religion, age, sexuality, ethnicity, etc., this will be treated as harassment and dealt with as such. Harassment of any kind will be taken extremely seriously and dealt with in a serious manner. Any form of harassment—verbal, physical or sexual, must be reported to the volunteer coordinator or another member of the board if the volunteer coordinator is unavailable. This sort of behaviour will not be tolerated and any person found harassing anyone be they guest, attendee or fellow volunteer, will be dealt with accordingly and removed from the convention.

We expect all of our volunteers to perform at a high level of competency and maintain their appearance and demeanor while doing so. If you feel that you are overwhelmed by a task, immediately notify your team leader to discuss an alternative.

The volunteer T-shirts are given to you for your work with us, as your uniform during your shift. If you are deemed unable to continue to work for Hal-Con as a volunteer at any time during your shift, you will be asked to return your T-shirt before you leave the premises. This means that when you come you are to bring a change of shirt, each day you are there.

Etiquette & Unacceptables

Things That Could Lead To Immediate Dismissal And Being Banned From The Con:

Each volunteer will be expected to respect the privileges they are given. There will be severe consequences for anyone found abusing their privileges. Abuse of privileges includes but is not limited to; letting friends into restricted areas, making executive decisions without checking first, wearing your volunteer shirt while not on duty, and avoiding your volunteer duties to be a con attendee.

Any volunteer caught stealing will be immediately dismissed, and dealt with appropriate to the situation, including legal action.

We ask that our volunteers do not drink before their shifts, as showing up hung over or drunk, will be considered grounds for dismissal. Drinking during your shift (with the exception of a few drinks at the Soiree for those volunteers attending) or use of recreational drugs will result in immediate dismissal.

While wearing your volunteer T-shirt do not give writing, art, or any other type of ‘samples’ of your work to our guests, actors, writers, or otherwise. Do not push guests into a conversation about your work unless the guest asks you.

While on duty you are expected to do your job. If you are an PA Runner, for example, and you are placed near a guest who is doing autographs, you are expected to control the lines and any other problems that arise, not interject into the conversations between the guest and attendees or disregard your job to be a ‘fan’.

There is to be no inappropriate behaviour towards any of the guests, attendees or other volunteers. This means, but is not limited to, sexual advances, rude comments, and disrespect.

When addressing guests, attendees, or other volunteers, address them respectfully. Please remember to always be polite to everyone around you, as you are the face of Hal-Con.