BST Cosplay Apparel

Detailed Information

Cosplayers deserve stylish off-duty gear to rep their love of costuming in a subtle, funky way. We created BST to be a brand that is as wearable in everyday life as it is at a con. Our gear is designed by cosplayers, for cosplayers.

We feature tees, sweaters, hats, mugs and more for the main brand, and the sub-brands of Cosplay University and Fandom College. We also feature geeky tees called Stealth Nerdery designed by community members.

Who hasn’t cut themselves, burned themselves, or otherwise hurt themselves in pursuit of their perfect prop or costume? Blood also refers to the energy and passion that cosplayers put into their art.

Con crunch. Spray painting with a can that might sputter. Walking around in layers of EVA foam. The feeling of your scalp tingling under your wig. This one’s pretty self-explanatory!

Something you’ve worked on for days falls apart. Hot glue lets go as you try your armor on. A seam splits as you’re about to walk on-stage for the costume contest. But, then there’s the tears of the fans, of the kids especially, who think you’re the real thing.

It makes everything worth it.