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What Is GDA?

GameDev Atlantic was created to celebrate and help grow the game development industry in Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada. Already a centre for innovation and technology, the conference seeks to strengthen the connections and communication between game studios, developers, and students.

GDA is entering into its second year, this time taking place in a new venue in the heart of downtown Halifax.

GameDev Atlantic Mentorship Lounge

Do you have an interest in joining the game development industry? Come down to the GameDev Atlantic Mentorship Lounge on the 5th floor at Hal-Con to talk to real industry professionals!

The GDA lounge space is dedicated to connecting animation and video game development industry professionals with members of the community for networking, portfolio reviews and information about job opportunities. Come speak to members of the Interactive Society of Nova Scotia, a collective of game development studios all over Nova Scotia with the mission of connecting and growing the industry in Atlantic Canada.

The GDA Mentorship Lounge is sponsored by Ubisoft Halifax.


When will GDA 2021 take place?
GDA 2021 will take place between 9:00am and 9:30pm on Friday, October 22th.

What is this year’s venue for GDA?
This year GDA will take place completely online.

Who can attend GDA?
GDA is open to all attendees, but especially students of game development, industry professionals and game developers.

What can an attendee expect to experience at the event?
The event will include a trade show of local companies and developers as well as presentations and panels on various game development topics. There will be a mixer at the end of the evening for an opportunity to network with those in the industry.

Meet The Team

GDA is a joint endeavour by members of both Interactive Society of Nova Scotia and Hal-Con Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Gaming Convention.

The Interactive Society of Nova Scotia (ISNS) was formed in October 2017, to advocate for interactive and video game development and foster collaboration within the industry in Nova Scotia. According to the Entertainment Software Association of Canada (ESAC), over 300 people are employed in 20 studios around the province, making it the 4th largest provincial game development industry in Canada. ISNS members are committed to the further development of the industry in Nova Scotia, hiring graduates from local Universities and Colleges, and working to promote high standards of relevant education. In addition to its advocacy and educational outreach work, the ISNS also organizes events to foster collaboration within the Nova Scotia game developer community.

Hal-Con Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Gaming Convention (Hal-Con) is a yearly convention that runs over a three day weekend every fall in Halifax, as well as community events throughout the year. The event celebrates pop culture with over 10,000 fans and countless other attendees. The convention hosts special guests, a gaming floor, vendors, panels and unique events. The organization is nonprofit and volunteer run, with collaborations coming in from all over the city.


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Special Thanks

Our partners at the Interactive Society of Nova Scotia were instrumental in supporting this project, it wouldn’t have happened without their help.

We recognize the support of the Province of Nova Scotia. We are pleased to work in partnership with the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage to develop and promote our cultural resources for all Nova Scotians.

Special thanks also to:


Title of Presentation

9:00 AM

Introduction from the ISNS

10:00 AM

Kris Alexander

Brilliant Storytelling in Video Games


11:15 AM

Moisen Mohse

What is Inclusive Design?


11:15 AM (second stream)

Bethan Sayer

Creating Artwork for a Live Game


12:30 PM

Samantha Butler

Gamification in Key Industries


1:45 PM

Lucie Prunier

It gets better: a Producer’s advice on resilience in game production


1:45 PM (second stream)

Hamza Ayaz

Ideation to Project Development


3:00 PM

Josh Richardson

Unmute Your Mobile Game Audio


3:00 PM (second stream)

Kai McGilligan Oliver & Francine Dulong

Responsive Theatre / Game Design Workshop


4:15 PM

Josh Nilson

Lessons from Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money


5:30 PM

Jason Della Rocca

Landscape and Competative Analysis


7:00 PM

Jennifer Richardson

Building Communities for Mobile Games


8:15 PM

Jean Leggett

Level up Your Career


9:30 PM

Social Hour

You can also view the GDA 2021 Schedule here.

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