Baby / Midnight


Midnight lived most of her life with a family in Florida, passing from one generation to the next. The current generation was not interested in taking her on as new owners, so they decided to find her a loving home. She moved from Florida to Pennsylvania where she became a fan of Supernatural and her new owner obliged her desire to be like Baby. He completed her exterior, going from blue to black and she was fully trimmed out. Then, as they say, life got in the way. Her owner ended up marrying the love of his life and they purchased a home. Short of money and time, he made the difficult decision to find a new family where she would be loved. Midnight’s next stop was Nova Scotia! Her new owners were able to complete her interior to Midnight’s satisfaction but she is still bummed that there hasn’t been sufficient time in order to finish her trunk but isn’t that the way with most cosplay projects? She is looking forward to bringing smiles to the fans at Hal-Con.

Photos of Midnight are welcome, and free of charge. Photos inside the car, behind the wheel are only available when her handlers are present. Photos will be taken on attendee’s personal camera, at a minimum donation of $5. Proceeds go towards the IWK charity and maintenance of the car.