Brandon Mitchell

Brandon Mitchell is Mi’gmaq from Listuguj First Nations in Quebec and currently resides on the unceded Wolastoqiyik territory, in Fredericton, New Brunswick, with his wife Natasha and their two sons Brayden and Bryce.  

He carries a Diploma in Animation and Design from the New Brunswick Community College of Miramichi and holds a master’s degree in Education from the University of New Brunswick.  

He is the founder of Birch Bark Comics and creator of the Sacred Circles comic series, which explored his Mi’kmaq heritage through a contemporary lens. He has authored six stories for Indigenous Story Studio (Formally the Healthy Aboriginal Network): Lost Innocence, Drawing Hope, River Run, Making it Right, Emily’s Choice and Tomorrow’s Hope. He was approached to by the University of Alabama to script and illustrated Jean-Paul’s Daring Adventure: Stories from Old Mobile. He was also the author of “Migwite’tmeg:We Remember It”  which recounts the events leading up to the infamous salmon raids that took place in Listuguj in the summer of 1981. This contribution is part of the national best-selling graphic novel anthology series “This Place:150 Years retold” by Highwater Press.

In 2020, Brandon, in collaboration with Charles Gaffney, was awarded an art installation contract from Heritage New Brunswick to create a permanent art piece for the Mount Carleton Provincial Park.  Blending traditional Mi’kmaq petroglyph and hieroglyph designs, Brandon created a series of paintings to tell the visual Indigenous history of the land on carved wooden paddles, titled “The Place We Gather”.

Mi’gmaw translation by Victoria Metallic –  June 29, 2021

Brandon Mitchell na Mi’gmewa’j tleiawit Listugujg, Quebec. Nige’ wigit ‘gjigang telwisig Fredericton, New Brunswick, ma’w ugte’piteml Natasha, aqq uggwisua Brayden aqq Bryce. Fredericton eteg ta’n Wolastoqiyik mnaq ignmuetu’tigw maqamigew aqq ta’n ‘nnu’g me’ wigultijig. 

Brandon gegina’masip espigina’matio’guomg “New Brunswick Community College” aqq saputa’toqop gina’masuti telwisig “Animation and Design”. Siawgina’masip espigina’matio’guomg telwisig “University of New Brunswick” aqq elg saputa’toqop  “Master of Education” na’te’l.

Brandon gisite’tg’p “Birch Bark Comics” aqq giswi’g’g’pnn a’tugwaqanji’jl telwisigl “Sacred Circles“. Na a’tugwaqanji’jl agnutgl ta’n telmimajultipnig ‘nnu’g sa’qeg aqq ta’n telie’was’gl gisgug na sa’qawe’l gina’masuti’l. Elg giswi’g’gl asugom te’s’gl a’tugwaqann ugjit “Indigenous Story Studio ”. A’tugwaqann telwisigl “Lost Innocence”, “Drawing Hope”, “River Run”, “Making it Right”, “Emily’s Choice”, aqq “Tomorrow’s Hope”. Espigina’matio’guom “University of Alabama” pipanima’tipnn Brandon-al giswi’gmn aqq napwi’gigng lugwalan na wi’gatignji’j telwisig “Jean Paul’s Daring Adventure: Stories from Old Mobile”.  Brandon elg ewi’g’g’p “Migwite’tmeg: We Remember It”, a’tugwaqan ta’n agnutg ta’n teliaqap Listugujg 1981-eg, ta’n tujiw g’pnno’l naqa’lateg Listugujewaq usg’tnew. “Highwater Press” mawa’toqop na a’tugwaqan, “Migwite’tmeg: We Remember It”, ma’w igtigl a’tugwaqanji’jl ‘nnu’g giswi’g’gmi’tl aqq eltu’t’p wi’gatign telwisig “This Place: 150 Years Retold”.  Ula wi’gatign pugwelg netuisgetas’g’p ta’n telgi’g Ganata.

Ta’pu pituiptnnaqanipunqe’g jel tapuisga’q (2020), Heritage Canada ignmua’tipnig Brandon Mitchell-al aqq Charles Gaffney-al ‘lgowaqan ugjit ‘ltu’new amallugwaqan ta’n ne’gaw tetew Mount Carleton Provincial Park. Brandon mawa’toqopnn gomgwe’jwi’gas’gl aqq amalamgwa’lapni napwi’gigng u’ta’qannigtug ugjit neia’tu’n ta’n amgwes telmimajultipnig ‘nnu’g. Telwi’t’g’p “The Place We Gather”.