Gladzy Kei


Gladzy Kei is an illustrator, concept artist, and cosplayer from Canada, AB. She graduated from Alberta College of Art & Design with a Bachelor’s of Design degree majoring in Illustration.

Gladzy’s concept designs have been worn by many international cosplayers. The cosplay groups that she has been a part of (Battle Disney Princess, Sailor Scouts, Valkyrie Eevolutions and Mythic Overwatch) have been featured in articles on websites such as Cosmopolitan, Movie Pilot, and As of date, Gladzy has designed over 300 cosplays for clients since 2015.

Gladzy has also been featured full-page in the Filipino newspaper Mabuhay Calgary as well as TV Networks from the Philippines from her accurate depiction of Moana. She has also represented Canada for an international cosplay competition in 2017. Gladzy has been invited as an international cosplay guest in Europe, USA, and Canada where she teaches workshops about armor making and costume design. Gladzy has also had her Raya cosplay displayed at an art gallery in Calgary, Alberta. 

Currently, Gladzy is focusing on her business as a self-employed artist, balancing cosplay, murals, and conventions.