Kiss a Frog Cosplay

Posted on July 27th, 2022

Licia Rei of Kiss a Frog Cosplay is an award winning, body-positive Cosplayer from Charleston, WV with a cosplay and J-Fashion career spanning 9 years. Her cosplay focus includes using natural hair wigs and textured styles for cosplay and portraying strong femme characters and Magical girls. She has been featured across the web by AFROPUNK, Black Girl Nerds, Anime Complexium, Art of Cosplay, Black Nerd Problems and many others! She has also been published in Cosplay Realm Magazine, featured on Tales Of The Fandom Podcasts- And has graced the cover of Cosplay Art & Photography magazine. She was also a featured cosplayer by Arda for her wig styling. Licia has been a guest at multiple conventions in the US and Canada, including Anime Expo with the Senpai Program. When not traveling for cosplay, or managing the Tsubasacon Majokko Maid Cafe, she enjoys baking, gaming, Star Wars, and TTRPGs. Her best known cosplays are her Super Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity, and Princess Tiana.