Hal-Con Information

If you have con questions, here’s where you can find con answers. If your question isn’t answered on our website, please contact us for additional help!

Hotels & Accommodations

Hal-Con works with local hotels in the downtown Halifax area to get attendees discounted rates during the time of the convention. You can find a list of hotels, their amenities, rates and more here.

Getting to Hal-Con

Are you from out of town or need some assistance navigating the chaos that is downtown Halifax? We’ve compiled a handy list of places to park and transportation methods for you right here!


We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about tickets, costumes, accessibility, and more. See our FAQs here.

Venue & Accessibility

Hal-Con is held at the Halifax Convention Centre, which is part of the Nova Centre in downtown Halifax. The building has many accessibility features and accommodations. Learn about our venue and its amenities here.


We strive to create a welcoming, inclusive, and safe environment for all of our guests. We ask that all our staff, volunteers, vendors, and attendees abide by the policies set in place by Hal-Con. You can review our policies here.