Statement Regarding Halifax Public Libraries

We are aware that the Halifax Public Library has recently acquired a book that contains harmful misinformation—presented as fact—about transgender and gender diverse youth, and advocates for abusive practices and policies aimed at minors.

It is our understanding that members of the Halifax trans and gender-diverse community expressed their concern to the library that carrying this book without, at minimum, a disclaimer about its content would cause real harm to trans youth, and that expressing these concerns did not result in a review of their policies.

We’ve heard from members of the Hal-Con community who have expressed that they no longer feel safe or welcomed at the library, and we’re listening. Until the library takes concrete action to affirm and protect gender minorities, we will no longer be hosting events at the Halifax Public Library.

Hal-Con is committed to creating and maintaining inclusive spaces for attendees, volunteers, and guests of all genders. It’s not up for debate: trans and gender-diverse identities are valid and worthy of affirmation. Any organizations we enter into a partnership with need to share these basic values.

We have a long-standing relationship with the Halifax Public Library and we believe libraries are an important part of our community. We are saddened and disappointed by the decision to keep this book in their collection without taking steps to minimize the harm it will cause. As an organization that is constantly learning, growing, and striving to do better for our communities, we hope the library will take this opportunity to do the same.

In solidarity,


Download a copy of our statement here