Programming and Panel Applications

What kind of programming will be happening at Hal-Con 2019?
We’ve got something for everyone! There will be discussion panels, live theatre, Q&A panels with guests, instructional workshops or seminars on a number of topics, costume contest, charity auction, a dance, debates, demonstrations of swordplay, and so much more!

Where can I see a schedule for Hal-Con 2019?
Because we want to present you with a schedule as close to final as we can, we’re planning on having the schedule ready approximately two weeks prior to Hal-Con 2019.  Watch our social media for announcements!

How can I submit my ideas for a panel?
We have two types of panel applications.  If you’re looking to run a Fandom Panel (a panel where the content is directly related to fandom), please apply here.  If you are looking to run a more general panel or workshop (maybe on cosplay or cheese for example) please apply here.  If you have a single day pass, please state that in your application so that we can schedule you for the day you are attending. We’re not able to offer free admission to panel presenters. As much as we’d love to be able to accept everyone’s application, sometimes it’s not possible, we promise that we will let you know about your acceptance either way.

Please note that panel applications are currently closed.