2017 Costume Contest Winners

Award Name Costume
1st Junior Adult Made Ewan The Barbarian
2nd Junior Adult Made Hero Armoured Ozma
3rd Junior Adult Made Grace Steve the monkey
1st Junior Self Made Nour Mercy (Overwatch)
2nd Junior Self Made Mya Theriault Zelda
3rd Junior Self Made Jane Tuttle Mary Poppins
1st Novice Vicky and Dave Taylor Lone Survivor and Romantic Companion
2nd Novice Jillian Vessey, Kenzie Bartlett Cure Whip & Cure Macaron – Kira Kira Pre Cure A La Mode
3rd Novice Ada Tuttle Merida
1st Journeyman Caelyn Omand Hayseed Junkrat – Overwatch
2nd Journeyman Steve Turple Deku Link – Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
3rd Journeyman Josh MacDonald Dr. Octopus
1st Artisan Cassie Seavoyer The Last Guardian
2nd Artisan Richard Gale Gundam Exia
3rd Artisan Ayla teBogt Princess Allura
1st Masters Joseph Clairmont Garrus Vakarian – Mass Effect
2nd Masters Pat Mcgrath Groot, Gamora & Rocket Raccoon
3rd Masters Stephanie Leonhart Aloy
Runner Up Alisyn O’Leary Narnia foot soldier
Prettiest Pony Lily Pinky Pie
A Pair That’s Out Of This World Lillian & Landon Gamora & Rocket Raccoon
A Ray Of Hope Hannah Rey
Get Him A Plate Of Pancakes Conner Kid Hellboy
The Sweetest Little Thing Adi Arrietty – Secret World of Arrietty
Most Glamorous Daphne Amethyst – Steven Universe
100 Points for Ravenclaw !! Brendan Ravenclaw Student (Harry Potter)
On Time For Tea Calliope Alice the Warrior
Legend of Link Nicholas Link (Legend of Zelda)
Best Fatality Cody Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat)
Best Assembled Addison Black Widow (Avengers)
A Ray Of Hope Tess Rey
1st Group Dwarf party Dwarves
2nd Group Pat, Lillian, Landon Mcgrath Groot, Gamora, Rocket raccoon
3rd Group Jillian Vessey, Kenzie Bartlett, Tracey Xia Cure Whip, Cure Macaron and Cure Custard from Kira Kira Pre Cure A La Mode
1st Duo Performance Debbie MacKenzie and Miranda Krause Kagome and Inu Yasha
2nd Duo Performance Jessie Yaternick & Ely Taylor Cinderella and Fairy Godmother
3rd Duo Performance Rae Whitlock and Cale Norrad The Pac-Mans
1st From a Video Game Steve Turple Deku Link – Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
2nd From a Video Game Natalie Saulnier Hawke – Dragon Age 2
3rd From a Video Game Naomi Pelavas Junkrat
1st From TV Elizabeth MacDonald Sansa Stark
2nd From TV Avery Muir, Valarie Leon, Chelsea Henley Ramsay Bolton, Renly Baratheon, Jon Snow
3rd From TV Pippa Marvin Princess Candy (Dave the Barbarian)
1st Retro Oliver Dorais-Fleming Snarf – Thundercats
2nd Retro Charlie Harvey Xena, Warrior Princess
3rd Retro Johnny A Matrix
1st Original Concept Alisyn O’Leary Narnia foot soldier
2nd Original Concept One Penn Plaza Aimee Brooks
1st From Animation Adi Arrietty – Secret World of Arrietty
2nd From Animation Kris Kross Viktor Nikiforov
3rd From Animation Marcy Watkins Kakyoin (Jojos Bizarre Adventure)
1st Craftmanship in Sewing Kim Currie Ruby Rose – from R.W.B.Y
2nd Craftmanship in Sewing Jessica Turner Margaery Tyrell – Game Of Thrones
3rd Craftmanship in Sewing Kala Hirtle Sansa Stark
1st From Fantasy Fred Outerleys Lothar, World of Warcraft movie
2nd From Fantasy Shae Mattell Colonial Templar
3rd From Fantasy Nana Shteinberg Archer Queen
Judge’s Pick – Kiss A Frog Cassie Seavoyer The Last Guardian
Judge’s Pick – Wuckajuice Candace Martin Lady Gannondorf (Legend of Zelda)
Judge’s Pick – Ri Care Alden Burke Barry Allen/The Flash
Judge’s Pick – Panterona Robyn Durling Tooth Fairy
Mmmmmm Greg Blackmore Aladdin
Major Props John and Robin Laska Tron Light Cycle
Major Props Kenneth Wheadon Bull
Major Props Cassie Seavoyer The Last Guardian
1st Performance Anika Parker Belle – Beauty and the Beast