2018 Costume Contest Winners

Award/Place Name Costume

Child Adult Made

1st Hero Pike Princess Tamaura Blindsprings
2nd Ewan Marshall Sell Sword
3rd Conner Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III
Honourable Mention Kate Tuttle Harry Potter Student

Child Self Made

1st Mya Theriault Harry Potter Student
2nd Jane Tuttle Harry Potter Student
3rd Tess Tuttle Harry Potter Student
Honourable Mention Bella Rose Cookie Cat
Honourable Mention Gabe Wood Scarlet Spider (Ben Riley)

Novice Workmanship

1st Samantha Pierangeli Sylvanas Windrunner
2nd Alexandra French Warrior Princess Loki
3rd Gabriel Chasse Link

Journeyman Workmanship

1st Jessica Cosham Hungarian Horntail
2nd Andrew Stoddart Ezio
3rd Steve Turple Skull Kid (Majora’s Mask)
Honourable Mention Sonia Dastous Pink Mercy

Artisan Workmanship

1st Aaron Riley The Dryad
2nd Anika Parker Astrid
3rd Linda Nadalin Elle (Legend of Mana)

Master Workmanship

1st Ashley Sarrasin & Ben Pothier Ves, Iorveth
2nd Alisyn Oleary Evie Frye
3rd Jeff MacLean Thanos

Video Game

1st Steve Turple Skull Kid (Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask)
2nd Natalie Atkinson Alice Liddle
3rd Samantha Schofield Asra The Magician
Honourable Mention Dustin Poulin Necromancer (Castle Crashers)

Gender Bend

1st Sam Kennedy Genderbent Poison Ivy
2nd Leo Melanson Zarya (Overwatch)
3rd Julie Foucault Bowsette


1st Steve & Cameron Gallant Harbinger & Keeper from Evil Within
2nd Cody Ouellette Illithid
3rd Addy Michaud Coraline

Warrior Women

1st Becky Mailman Paladin
2nd Samantha Pierangeli Sylvanas Windrunner
3rd Sonia Dastous Pink Mercy

From TV

1st Dallas Bennett and Markus McIntyre Oswald Cobblepot and Ed Nygma
2nd Lily Brown Cheryl Blossom
3rd Devin Gates Junior Gorg made by Shauna Murphy
Honourable Mention Shelby Baxter Agent Carter
Honourable Mention Robin Michaud Frank is back
Honourable Mention Claire Otto L’ananas

Best Duo

1st Chris and Symone Dejean Dora Milaje and Black Panther
2nd Suzanne & Camryn Gaudet Wonder Women Old and New
3rd Mark Branscombe & Isaac Rafuse Doc Ock & Spiderman
Honourable Mention Robin Ess & Matt Parsons Yara Greyjoy & Euron Greyjoy

Best Group

1st Kayla, Khloe and Taylor Gaara, Temari and Kankuro
2nd Katie Ashley, Alex Gillan, Jennie Semenauk RWBY
3rd Ciaran, OLiver, and Joy Guardians of the GalaxyBest
Honourable Mention Rebecca Graves. Kenzie Bartlett, Heidi Graves Queen of Hearts, Alice Liddle, White Queen

From Anime

1st Brittany Pelletier Princess Serenity
2nd Angela Harrison King Hinata Shoyo
3rd Hailey Staples Kanna Kanuai
3rd Michael Otto Dark Magician
Honourable Mention Erynn Macleod Urakaka Ochako
Honourable Mention Alexsandria Ryan Dark Magician Girl

From Comic Book

1st Brandie Ingraham Rogue
2nd Kali Alexander Spidergwen
3rd Hero Pike Princess Tamaura from Blindsprings

From Movie

1st Josh MacDonald The Vulture from Spiderman Homecoming
2nd John Clarke Doctor Strange
3rd Jordan Allen The Rocketeer
Honourable Mention Grace Lushington The Jaberwocky

Original Design

1st Aaron Riley The Dryad
2nd Breanna MacDonald Otto
3rd Rebecca Graves Queen of Hearts
Honourable Mention Kaya McKenna Water Princess

From Animation

1st Paige Aziz Edna Mode
2nd Leah MacLeod Kim Possible
3rd Tara Fleet Peridot and Stevion
Honourable Mention Krista Morine Swift Wind
Honourable Mention Aidan Havens Pickle Rick

Kawaii Box Winners

Angela Harrison – King Hinata Shoyo
Hailey Staples – Kanna Kanuai

Judges Pick

Judge Wuckajuice Courtney Johnson Chitin Light Armour
Judge CasSea Jessica Cosham Hungarian Horntail
Judge Knightmage Pam Wilson Totoro
Judge Akakioga Becky Mailman Paladin

Props to You

Natalie Atkinson Alice Liddle
Kayla, Khloe and Taylor Gaara, Temari and Kankuro
Paige Aziz Edna Mode

More Awards

People’s Choice Jeff MacLean Thanos
Literally Literature Stephen Daniels-White Manga Comic Black Torch
Performance Alana Coolen, Simon Squire, Adi Slade, Tiberius Slade Gamora, Star-Lord, Lady Captain America, Thor
Performance Tom Mitchell, Richard Neville, Cory Lando, Haley Ashley Furry Pools
Creative Use of Materials Christina Wagner Centaur
Yass Sam Kennedy Genderbent Poison Ivy
Queen Jessica Wiebe Catwoman
Best Teamwork Suzanne & Camryn Gaudet wonder women old and new
Best Guns Robin Michaud Frank is back
Amazing Detail John Clarke Doctor Strange
Armed & Fabulous Amanda Gallant OC
Hooked on a Feeling Jeremy Scott Captain Hook
Spot On Artech Camps Canada Dalmation and Cruella Devil
Foxy Lady Tiffany Duchesneah Star Guardian Ahri
Shake Your Tailfeather Kyle Dunphy Fortnite’s Black Knight
Crowd Pleaser Becky Mailman Paladin
Crowd Pleaser Josh MacDonald The Vulture from Spiderman Homecoming
Crowd Pleaser Chris and Symone Dejean Dora Milaje and Black Panther
Team Spirit Ada Tuttle, Jane Tuttle, Tess Tuttle, Kate Tuttle, Austin Theriault, Mya Theriault Harry Potter students
Praise the Sun Jordan Gunn Solaire of Astora