FAQs About the Convention

Important! Please note that in 2018 our venue is changing and some details remain to be determined. Our FAQ will be updated as those details are finalized, so please bear in mind our answers on this page may change over time, please check back later for further updates. We do try to stay on top of this as best as we can, we appreciate your understanding.

About Us

What is Hal-Con?
It’s the largest costumed event in the Maritimes. It’s a weekend of excitement, and panels, celebrities, activities, learning, and entertaining events for all ages in a fun, welcoming environment free of judgment. Combining the best elements of a Comic Con and a Maritime Kitchen Party, Hal-Con is a blast.

Where is Hal-Con?
Hal-Con will take place at the new Halifax Convention Centre, located on Argyle street between Sackville St. and Prince St.

When is Hal-Con 2018?
Hal-Con 2018 is October 26-28, 2018

What are the hours of Hal-Con ?
Check out our Venue page for the answer to this question.

I’m sold! Where can I get tickets to Hal-Con ?
Starting  June 1st (time TBD), you can get your tickets on our website.

Tickets and Pre-Registration

What types of tickets do you sell?
We sell Warp Speed Passes (VIP), Weekend Passes (3-day), a Student/Senior/Military Weekend Pass, Single Day Passes, and a Child Pass.

What does my ticket include?
Your ticket includes entry into the convention on the given day(s) and a welcome bag.*
*while supplies last

How will I pick up my badge or bracelet?
You can pick up your badge by bringing either a printout or a digital copy of your ticket to the Registration Desk in the Argyle Street lobby.

Do you offer early registration?
Early registration will take place Thursday from 5-9pm, and Friday morning from 9am-12pm. After that, registration will be open for regular pickup.

What are the ages for a Child Pass?
A Child Pass covers children ages 6-12. Children 5 and under do not require a ticket, and attendees 13 and older require a regular ticket.

Will my child need adult accompaniment?
Any child using a Child Pass and children under the age of 5 require adult accompaniment. We recommend no more than three children to an adult.

What do I need to get a Student/Military/Senior ticket?
To be able to get a Student/Military/Senior Pass, you must have the corresponding ID as proof at the time of the convention. Failure to present the required ID will require a $10 fee before being admitted to Atlantic Canada’s biggest sci-fi and gaming convention.

Tell me about Warp Speed Passes
Warp Speed Passes are our VIP passes. They include access to the Stargazer Soiree (our VIP reception, 19+), front row seating at our main stage, 24-hour early notice of guest announcements, a Hal-Con lanyard with a name badge, a separate registration line, a separate autograph/photo-op line, 30 minutes early entry to the event, and an exclusive T-shirt.


What’s the difference between a retailer, artist, exhibitor, and society table?
An exhibitor typically produces their own product, often for sale, or represents a society or special interest group. Artists producing original work, in any media, would also typically be considered exhibitors. A retailer often sells product from multiple creators and may have a store or do business year round. You can find out more information about each table type on our Become a Vendor under the Participation tab in the main menu.

How do I become a vendor?
Please visit our Become A Vendor page to review our Vendor Information Package and complete the Vendor Application.


Sponsorship Why should I become a sponsor?
Over 9,000 people come through Hal-Con every year—and we’re still growing! Reach your target market through our audience—be part of our event, get your brand in front of fans at the most exciting cosplay and science fiction gathering in the Maritimes. More information about our demographics and other excellent reasons why you should become one of our proud sponsors can be found in our Sponsor Package.

How do I become a sponsor?
To become a sponsor of the the larges pop culture and comic event in Atlantic Canada, read how here.


What’s expected of me as a volunteer?
Volunteers must offer up a minimum of 12 hours of their time over the course of the weekend. Volunteers are expected to perform the tasks they are asked.

What do I receive as a volunteer?
In exchange for their work, volunteers receive a weekend pass to the convention, a badge, a volunteer T-shirt, snacks and beverages, and a voucher for the volunteer after party.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?
To apply to any of the general teams and the gaming team, you must be 16 years old. To apply to the guest team you must be at least 19 years old.

I think I want to volunteer, how do I start the process?
Head over to the Volunteer page and read the information there.


What kind of programming will be happening at Hal-Con?
We’ve got something for everyone! There will be discussion panels, live theatre, Q&A panels with guests, instructional workshops or seminars on a number of topics, costume contest, charity auction, a dance, debates, demonstrations of swordplay, and so much more!

Where can I see a schedule for Hal-Con?
Usually, it’s out a month prior to the event. You may find changes until a few days prior.

How can I submit my ideas for a fan-run panel?
You’ll find an online application opening up on our website early June. Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for updates.


What are your cosplay policies?
You can find all our policies listed on our Policies page.

What is your weapons policy?
You can find all our policies listed on our Policies page.

Costume Contest

What are the rules for the Costume Contest?
Rules for the costume contest can be found on the Costume Contest page.

Is there an entry fee?
No, the cost of entering the costume contest is included in your admission, but we only have a limited number of spots.

Do I have to sign up in advance?
Yes, details on where and when to sign up can be found on the Costume Contest page.

Can I sign up before the convention?
No. We only do contest sign-ups during the convention.

How do I sign up?
Details on where and when to sign up are updated closer to Con. Watch the Costume Contest page for updates.

When is the Costume Contest?
Sunday, exact time TBD

What Category should I enter?
Details on the different categories and restrictions can be found on the Costume Contest page.

What is your weapons policy?
You can find all our policies listed on our Policies page.

My costume may not be family friendly or may violate one of your policies; can I still enter the costume contest?
All costumes must follow the rules we have set in our general policies. Costumes deemed to be offensive may result in expulsion from the convention.

While Hal-Con strives to be an environment of tolerance for everyone, we can and will not allow costumes promoting groups who would seek to make the world more intolerant, and as such we have banned Nazi and Hitler cosplay, costumes, or accessories. Anyone found with these items (or items found to be similar in nature at the discretion of event staff) will be expelled from this years event and issued a lifetime ban from all future Hal-Con events and functions.

When/Where/How does judging take place?
Details on where and when judging takes place can be found on our Costume Contest page.

What do I do if I have a special request?
Please read the rules on our Costume Contest page and the Hal-Con policies. If neither of these answers your question please email costumecontest@hal-con.com

Who can I contact if I have already read the rules and have a question about them?
Please copy and paste the specific part of the rules you have a question about into the email you send. costumecontest@hal-con.com

Our Guests

How does meeting guests work?
If you are getting a photo/autograph with a guest, you can say a few words, but remember there is limited time scheduled for these events and lines are sometimes quite long. Please be considerate of those waiting for their turn. If you are attending the VIP Soiree, you are allowed to go up to a guest and talk to them/pose questions but we ask that you please refrain from crowding them.

Do guests accept gifts?
While the guests appreciate the thought and meaning you put into gifts for them, please remember, if you present a gift to a guest, do not be offended if they are unable to accept it. Most guests travel here with carry-on luggage only and simply don’t have room to take the gifts back with them. We ask that you do not give them gifts of alcohol as they cannot drink it on site due to building policies, and they cannot take it home on the flight (you can’t take more than 100ml of liquid in your carry on luggage). Please do not give guests candles, or items that have strong scents to them. We ask that you also refrain from giving them baked goods as some guests may have food allergies or other dietary restrictions.

Can I take my own photos of Guests?
When in line in for autographs and photographs, or even just in the room to see what’s going on with the celebrity guests, it is against policy to take photos of the guests at the autograph tables, without their knowledge or permission. If the volunteer staff sees pictures being taken, we will ask you to delete them. You are allowed to take photos during main stage panels with most guests. Some guests have it in their contract that photos and videos are not allowed during panels – if this is the case with one of our guests, we will have a notice on the main stage screens before their panels begin.

Can I get a photo with a Guest at the Star Gazer Soiree?
Cameras are not allowed at the Soiree. If we see you sneak a picture on your cell phone, we reserve the right to ask you to delete the photo and leave the event. There will be a photo booth with props at the soiree, which all attendees are allowed to use (it’s free!), however, please do not ask a guest to join in with you. You might see guests using the photo booth with other guests – please do not ask to join in with them unless the guest asks you. The Soiree allows a chance to talk to the guests, not ask for a free photo.

Are we able to arrange interviews with any Guest(s)?
Interviews with guests are allowed at Hal-Con, as long as they are approved and booked through our media team. If you are a local blogger, or a school reporter, etc, you cannot set up an interview on site, or ask a guest for a quick interview during an autograph signing session. All media must be cleared by our staff first. Please read our Media page for full details.

Autographs and Photographs

How many people can be in a photograph?
It’s ultimately up to the guest’s discretion. There is however a maximum of 4 people to ensure photo quality won’t be affected.

What will guests sign?
It’s ultimately up to the guest’s discretion. Collectible cards, posters, headshots, books, toys, props haven’t posed a problem in the past.


What types of gaming are offered at Hal-Con?

  • Board Games: a library of over 500 board games, including both quick family games and multi-hour strategy games like Twilight Imperium. Borrow an old favourite or learn something new—the staff is on-hand to help!
  • Video Games: Cool games from the latest consoles!
  • Pinball Machines and Arcade Machines!
  • Roleplaying Games: examples include Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, Pathfinder, Numenera, Exalted and FATE.
  • Tabletop Miniatures: The Grudge of Ages Tournament for Warhammer Fantasy / 40k is a Hal-Con tradition! Other games which often appear include Warmachine / Hordes, X-wing, Malifaux, Zombicide and Space Hulk.
  • Magic: The Gathering
  • Hearthstone

Are the arcade machines and pinball machines free to play?
YES! The machines are free to play. Please do not insert quarters into them!

Are there gaming-related seminars?

How do I sign up for an RPG?
Sign up sheets for RPGs are posted on the day the RPG is scheduled to run so you cannot sign up for Sunday sessions on Friday or Saturday. Sign up occurs at the Board Game Library signout desk.

Does signing up for an RPG guarantee me a spot?
It does, provided that you are at the table in time! We ask all RPG players to show up a few minutes before their session is scheduled to start. If players are still missing 10 minutes after the session is scheduled to start, the GM can start the game and fill in the spots with standbys.

What if the RPG I want to sign up for is full?
You can still show up to the RPG as a standby and see if one of the players who did sign up doesn’t show. Clearly identify to the GM that you are not on the sheet and are waiting to see if a spot becomes vacant. 10 minutes after the scheduled start time, GMs can fill no-show seats with standby players.

How many games can I borrow from the board game library?
You can only borrow one game at a time, but after returning it you can immediately borrow another.

Can I bring my own board games to play?
Absolutely! We maintain a separate set of tables for Bring Your Own Games. This makes it easier for con staff to monitor the library games that are on loan.


The facility is wheelchair accessible, with large elevators to accommodate large costumes and strollers.

The Halifax Convention Centre is non-smoking environment. (Smoking areas are located nearby outdoors.)

Getting Around the Convention
Elevators are open for all to use, but priority will be reserved for those with mobility, accessibility issues, or those with strollers. If you have any problem with accessing elevators, please alert any Hal-Con volunteer and it will be escalated to the senior team.

Service Animals & Pets
Official service animals are permitted, of course. Pets or comfort animals, however, aren’t. With allergies, children, and for sympathy to animals in crowds – it’s not the best idea. We recognize the value of therapy animals, but unless that animal has graduated from proper training, is wearing an identifying vest, and has a certificate to show for it – they won’t be permitted on site.

Personal Attendants for Medical or Special Needs
Hal-Con recognizes some individuals have a need for a companion or assistant (e.g. sign language interpreter) during the convention. Please contact us if you have any questions about bringing somebody with you during the event. We strongly suggest contacting us in advance to make arrangements to prevent excessive delays at registration.

Staying in Halifax

Does Hal-Con have any partner hotels with special rates?
Yes! The Delta Barrington and the Delta Halifax. See special rates here.

Where can I park?
If staying at a hotel, most hotels have a parking fee of $20/night plus tax. There will also be limited street parking available. For further information, there is a listing of parking lots available under the travel section.

Scotia Square Parkade is the closest public parking with a rate of $20 max per day.

Is there public transportation available?
You can ride the bus with Metro Transit. The cost is $2.50 per individual ride.

Directions to Halifax
View map here.

If you are coming in from the airport, you have a few options. There are multiple car rental agencies in the ground transportation area of the airport. If you take a taxi into the city, the cost is approximately $60, or you could take the bus (number 320) for $3.50. The bus will make a final stop behind Scotia Square, which is less than a 5-minute walk to the Delta Barrington and Delta Halifax.

General Stuff

Can I bring a camera and take pictures?
This year, pictures will not be allowed at the Stargazer Soiree or when you’re standing in line to get a photograph/autograph. Pictures are allowed during stage performances unless otherwise noted.

Where can I go to smoke/vape?
Nova Scotia’s Smoke-free Places Act states that smoking and vaping is illegal indoors. You will need to move outside and find a spot more than four meters (12 feet) away from any doors, windows or air intake vents.

Am I allowed to bring my own bags?
Of course! You may be asked to show the contents of your bag upon first entry through registration by security.

Am I allowed to bring my own water?
Of course! Event security prefers sealed drinks prior to entry during bag checks.

Where can I get food or drink?
Within the convention, where the vendors are located, there will be booths that sell food (mainly sweets and desserts).

World Tea House will have tea for sale on site, and Garrison Brewing is setting up a sampling spot on site across from their retail location. The area will be 19+ with no wearing masks permitted, with 5 oz samples of various brews for sale. Non-alcoholic special Hal-Con soda will also be available at Garrison as well.

Is there Wi-Fi?
There will be complimentary wi-fi available at the venue, provided by Hal-Con. There will be a dedicated network for our vendors/artists, and a separate one for attendees. Please look for signage on site with information.

Is there an ATM on site?

Does the venue provide gender-neutral washooms?
Hal-Con and the venue management want to offer all our attendees a comfortable experience at the convention. All participants at the event are encouraged to use the washroom to which they identify. Inclusive washrooms are marked on floor maps. There are gender neutral washrooms, as well as gender-specific washrooms, on each level of the facility.

Check out our Maps & Vendors page for floor maps and more information.

Hal-Con and the Community

Which charities do you support?
Our official charities of choice are the IWK Children’s Hospital and Kids Help Phone. In the past, we’ve supported Child’s Play International. Each year, we contribute items and funds to various local groups. Our fans help through our Charity Auction with items and their generous bids.

How much have you raised so far?
In 8 years, we’ve donated over $50,000 to various charities.

Can I donate to your charity auction?
Absolutely, we’d be delighted. Please email auction@hal-con.com to connect with our team.

Can you show up at our event?
We love getting out into the community! Email us at community@hal-con.com with information, dates, and your needs.


Code of conduct
Harassment policy
Alcohol & drug policy