Hal-Con 2023 Vendors

Find all the info you need about Hal-Con vendors! Hours for the vendor hall and convention, ballroom level floor map, and a list of all approved vendors from can be found below. Want to shop online or plan out your con purchases before you hit the vendor hall? Check out our Virtual Vendor Floor!

For Vendor Hall Hours, see the bottom of this page.

Map of the Fifth Floor

List of Approved Vendors, Guests & Sponsors

Bold = Sponsor/Hal-Con Related

Italic = Guest

A1 — Tanner Zipchen

A2 — Timothy Zahn

A3 — Adrian Tchaikovsky

A4 — Piper CJ

A5 — EK Johnston

A6 — Peter Foote

A7 — Rei Kennex

A8 — Carmen Valentina

A9 — Alittleandroid

A10 — Twinfools/Nova

A11 — Nova Scotia Talent Trust

A12 — Sam Maggs

A13 — Matt Kindt

A14 — Sarah Myer

A15 — Dave McCaig

A16 — Ed Brisson

A17 — Sandy Carruthers

A18 — Peter Chiykowski

B1 — Hal-Con Autograph & Photo Sales

B2, B3 — Capture It Photography

B4 — April M Designs

B5, B6 — Monster Comic Lounge

B7 — C Rogers Woodwork

B8, B9 — Game Knight Toys Card Games

B10 — Rustic Revolution Pottery

B11, B12 — Amethyst Boutique

B13, B14 — Cape & Cowl Comics & Collectibles

B15, C15 — The Quarrelsome Yeti

C1, C2 — Neptune Theatre

C3 — Nawhide Leather and Curiosites

C4, C5 — An Oddity or Two

C6 — Sarah Christie Illustration

C7, C8 — Rainbow’s End Books and Discs

C9, C10 — Oakhill Studios & Carry On, Carrion

C11 — Interactive Society of Nova Scotia

C12, C13, C14 — Exor Games

D1, E1 — Vesuvius Media

D2 — Jenny R Johnson Art

D3 — Flinn Industries

D4, D5 — Laughing Panda Gifts and Gaming

D6 — Lantzalot Game Store

D7 — Happy Kraken Inc.

D8 — MadHatterPlushies

D9 — MS Creations

D10 — Nizrifa’s Geeky Yarn

D11 — Cheerful and Cheeky

D12, D13, D14 — Nova Scotia Community College

D15 — Hazel Geek & weirdtakoyaki

E2, E3 — Atlantic Fabrics


E6, E7 — Hal-Con Charity Auction

E8, E9 — Lilica Asakusa Lolita Fashion Studio

E10, E11 — Great Hobbies


E13, E14 — Design Corner

E15 — The Deck Box

F1, F2 — Jason Anarchy games

F3 — Roland’s Silver Age Comics

F4 — Galactic Giftery

F5 — Compose Dream Games

F6 — Bahamut Dawn Creations

F7, F8 — Dreambush

F9 — Honeysips

F10 — Celestial Fox

F11, F12 — Tawny Illustrations

F13 — Beastie Co. Designs

F14 — Strange Little Garden Art Studio

F15, F16 — Freak Show Studios

G1 — Artisanal Dreams Studio

G2 — Nocturna

G3 — Mister Crowbar

G4 — The Calendork

G5 — A Dash of Ashley Creations

G6 — Sparkle Collective

G7, G8 — Ruby Art

G9 — Cjartcanada

G10 — Random Beast Generator

G11, G12 — Cypritree

G13, G14 — A Quiltdream

G15 — InkFable Media

G16 — Glitter Bones Boutique

H1 — Mollinko (Jakface)

H2 — Aquagem Art

H3 — Amy Spaulding

H4 — Crabby Pants Handmade

H5 — Ryan Stanley Artwork & Cursed Arrows Trading Company

H6 — Made It

H7, H8 — Brownrabbitsart

H9, H10 — Quirkilicious Inc

H11 — Vena Carr Illustration & CARNIVOX

H12 — Tegan Thomas Illustration

H13, H14 — NaysPinClub/Cozy Cryptids

H15, H16 — Timeskip Sudio

I1, I2 — Divinity Doll

I3, I4 — Cactus Mafia

I5 — taradraws

I6 — Dead Cute Pins

I7 — Glitter Ghost Clothing and Accessories

I8 — PindieGamer

I9 — Art of Will & Art of Cmcookiez

I10 — Little Paper Forest

I11, I12 — Akanyte

I13, I14 — Chain and Scale Creations

I15, I16 — Brian Hoang Art

J1 — SamDraws

J2 — noisywyvern

J3 — Andy’s Cozy Crochet

J4 — Limepress

J5 — Artsy Alison & SorixaenChaotic

J6 — Pixel Boutique

J7, J8 — The Littlest Gift Boutique

J9 — Sabtastic

J10 — artbyjustinpaul

J11, J12 — ToasterKiwi & Kamochiruu

J13 — Cheapo Comix/Spiderrobby

J14 — MadMaddox Cosplay and Creations

J15, J16 — Gillian Newland Illustration

K1, K2 — Nomnivore Games & Belli-buttons

K3 — Anti Hero Games Publishing

K4 — Dovahting

K5. K6 — Hallo Carmo

K7 — Curoie

K8 — Harbinger Crafts

K9, K10 — We Made A Thing Eh!

K11 — PandoraRequiem

K12 — Lunapri

K13 — Some Like it Tuft

K14 — SunlitCharm

K15 — Crypticrafts

K16 — Geeky Pet – Art by Alana McCarthy

L1, L2 — Lothlenan: Art of Andrea Tamme

L3, L4 — Fabled Creative

L5 — Sara Canova Art & Design

L6 — Helensart

L7 — Charliebun Art

L8 — Hillary J. Brown Art & Sarakayy

L9 — Cglas

L10 — Blue Crystal Atelier

L11 — Shannon Long

L12 — Prodigious Poultry Productions

L13 — Burning Emmbers & Cat Rector – Author

L14 — Bradan Press

L15 — JR Fashion Designs

L16 — Peacheepop

M1, M2 — Lisa LaRose Art

M3, M4 — Riffic Studios

M5, M6 — Hurricane Country Historical

M7 — Modern Dragon Publishing

M8 — JoshuaHFX

M9 — Kio’s Collectables

M10 — Mike Fenn Designs

M11 — Kare Kombucha

M12 — MO GÂTO Mauritian Baked goods

M13 — Jamie Poole Books

M14 — Halifax Juggers League

M15, M16 — Atlantic Garrison, 501st Legion

N1, O1 — Spray Paint Art by Nathan Salmon

N2, N3, O2, O3 — Magical Realm

N4, N5 — Sense and SensibiliTea

N6 — The Crying Cryptid

N7 — The Silver Dragon/Le Dragon Argenté

N8 — Nerds With Needles

N9 — Sentient Robot Handcrafts and Games

N10, N11 — Proto Monkey Creations

N12 — Thor’s Trinkets

O4 — Blackwater Armoury

O5 — Geek’arium

O6 — East Coast Toys & Games

O7 — The Zoopothecary Shop

O8 — Admiral Insurance

O9, O10, O11 — Society for Creative Anachronism

O12 — Maritime Heavy Armour (MHA)

O13 — The Halifax Cosplay Collective

O14 — Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for Nova Scotia

P1 — Boo Jutsu Productions & Bathtub Bliss

P2 — Thornewood productions

P3 — Little Island Kawaii Shop

P4 — Triquetra Creative Arts

P5, P6 — Earrings by Ellen

P7, P8 — Lost World Games, Toys, and Records

P9 — Kaleidosoap (Merset Art)

P10, P11 — CKT Sports Inc

P12, P13 — Fire and Steel Inc

P14 — Hal-Con Vendor Services

Q1 — Chapters/Indigo

Q2 — Hal-Con Merchandise

Q3 — XGC Galactic

Q4 — Saber X

Q5 — Forgotten Empires LARP

Q6 — Sugarbloom

Q7, Q8 — Vortex Games

Q9 — Endeavours ThinkPlay & Poseidon’s Forge

Q10, Q11, Q12 — Skyfox Games

Q13 — Saturn Bears

Q14 — House of Patton

R1 — Boston Pizza

R2 — Teapothecary Cafe (Part of Sense and SensibilItea)

R3 — Lemon Dogs Lemonade

R4 — Sup Dawg

R5 — Monster Energy

R6 — Captured Escape Room

R7 — Surge 105

Gaming Floor (RM 605) — Brush Knight Miniature Model Painting

Gaming Floor (RM 609) — Hecatina Miniature Painting Studio

Venue Information

We are located in the Halifax Convention Centre at 1650 Argyle Street, part of the Nova Centre Complex. All vendors will be located on the fifth floor.

Vendor Hall & Convention Hours

Please note the hours listed below are based on previous years and are subject to change closer to the convention date.

Vendor Hall Hours

Friday: 12:00PM – 7:00PM
Saturday: 9:00AM – 7:00PM
Sunday: 9:00AM – 6:00PM

Convention Hours

Friday: 12:30PM – 12:00AM
Saturday: 9:30AM – 12:00AM
Sunday: 9:30AM – 7:00PM

Warp Speed & Impulse

Friday: 12:00PM – 12:00AM
Saturday: 9:00AM – 12:00AM
Sunday: 9:00AM – 7:00PM