2019 Guests

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Julian Mortimer Smith


Julian Mortimer Smith is an award-winning speculative fiction writer based in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. His short stories have appeared in some of the world's top sci-fi and fantasy venues, including Asimov's, Terraform, Lightspeed, Daily Science Fiction, and Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy. His first collection, The World of Dew and Other Stories, won the 2020 Blue Light Books Prize. He is also a tabletop gaming enthusiast and has done freelance writing and editing work for Wyrd Miniatures (makers of Malifaux) and Fantasy Flight Games.

Nick Morris


Nick Morris is a screenwriter and a lifelong horror and sci-fi fanatic living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His first movie, BECKY, is an ultra-violent revenge thriller starring Lulu Wilson (THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE), Joel McHale (COMMUNITY) and in his first villain role, Kevin James (THE KING OF QUEENS).  BECKY was slated to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York in April 2020 but due to the pandemic the event was cancelled. With most cinemas and multiplexes indefinitely closed, the film was subsequently released on VOD and at drive-in theaters across North America. Thanks to its successful run at the drive-ins, BECKY held the...