Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Hal-Con. Can’t find the answer you need? Fill out our contact form for more assistance!

About the Event

Where is Hal-Con?
Hal-Con takes place at the Halifax Convention Centre, located on Argyle Street between Sackville St. and Prince St. See our Venue page for maps and convention hours.

When is Hal-Con?
Hal-Con will take place November 8th – 10th, 2024.

Is Hal-Con suitable for children?
Hal-Con is a family-friendly event! Any panels or sessions that are not suitable for a younger audience will be clearly marked as such on the event schedule. Any child using a Child Pass and children under the age of 5 require adult accompaniment. We recommend no more than three children to an adult.

If I leave Hal-Con, can I come back?
Yes — you can come and go as you please during the entire time your ticket is valid for. Once you have your badge, you can show it at the door to get back into the convention. Please note that you may still have to wait in line during busy times, and any bags you’re carrying will be checked again by security.

Is Hal-Con accessible?
Our venue is fully accessible with automatic doors, curb cuts leading up to the building, passenger elevators, accessible washrooms, and more. We also provide additional accessibility features for our guests. Learn more about our venue accessibility here.


When/where can I get tickets to Hal-Con?
Tickets for 2024 are available now! Click here to buy.

How will I pick up my badge?
You can pick up your badge by bringing either a printout or a digital copy of your ticket to the Registration Desk in the Argyle Street lobby. For registration times, see our Venue page.

Can I resell my ticket?
If you’ve purchased a ticket and are unable to attend, you may resell your ticket(s) at or below face value. Since your ticket name must match your ID at pickup, you will have to formally transfer ownership of your ticket by emailing or filling out our Ticket Transfer Form.

Vendors & Exhibitors

Vendor Hall Hours
Vendor hours are listed on our Vendors page and Venue page. The vendor hall closes earlier than the rest of the convention each day, don’t delay your shopping trip!

Where is the vendor hall located?
The vendor hall is in the Ballroom of the Halifax Convention Centre, on the fifth floor.

Do I need a ticket to browse the vendor hall?
Yes. You will need access to the convention to visit the vendor hall.

Are there ATMs on site?
Yes. Many vendors offer the option to pay by card, but some don’t. There will be a service fee charged to use the ATMs.

Can I take photos in the vendor hall?
Consent applies to vendors as well as cosplayers. Please ask for permission from vendors before taking photos of their products for sale, and respect if the answer is no. Hal-Con staff and volunteers reserve the right to ask you to delete photos that were taken without permission.

Please consider your surroundings when wearing large costumes and/or asking cosplayers for photos, as the vendor hall is quite crowded, and stopping for group photos can impact traffic flow. We recommend stepping outside or having photoshoots elsewhere in the convention.

How do I become a vendor?
Please visit our Become a Vendor page to review our Vendor Packet and complete the Vendor Application.


What’s expected of me as a volunteer?
Volunteers must offer up a minimum of 12 hours of their time over the course of the weekend. Volunteers are expected to perform the tasks they are asked.

What do I receive as a volunteer?
In exchange for their work, volunteers receive a weekend pass to the convention, a badge, a volunteer T-shirt, snacks and beverages, and a voucher for the volunteer after party.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?
To apply to any of the general teams and the gaming team, you must be 16 years old. To apply to the guest team you must be at least 19 years old.

I think I want to volunteer! How do I sign up?
Great! Head over to our Volunteer page—you’ll find tons of info about becoming a volunteer, as well as information about how to apply.

Programming & Guests

What kind of programming will be happening at Hal-Con?
We’ve got something for everyone! There will be discussion panels, live theatre, Q&A panels with guests, instructional workshops or seminars on a number of topics, costume contest, charity auction, a dance, debates, demonstrations of swordplay, and so much more! 

Where can I see a schedule for Hal-Con?
Usually, it’s out 2-3 weeks prior to the event. Changes can occur at any time. See our Schedule and Events page for more.

Can I be a presenter or guest at Hal-Con?
See more information about running your own fan panel here! When applications are live, that’s where you’ll be able to apply.

If you would like to be a guest at Hal-Con, email

I have an idea for a guest! Who should I tell?
We welcome guest suggestions by using our Guest Suggestion Form!

Cosplaying & Costume Contest

Can I cosplay anything I want?
Absolutely — but there are a few conditions. Costumes must not contain nudity, promote intolerant ideology, or pose a danger to other guests. See our costume guidelines here. If you’re still unsure about your costume after reviewing our guidelines, fill out our contact form and we can help you determine whether or not your costume is appropriate for Hal-Con.

Are there prizes for the best costumes/cosplays?
You bet! Learn more about entering our Annual Costume Contest here.

Send Us A Message

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