Gaming at Hal-Con

Hal-Con boasts the largest gaming convention east of Montreal, historically featuring 15,000 square feet of gaming on a dedicated floor with 100+ tables in action. Hal-Con offers fans a diverse range of games to play, watch and learn. From fantasy or sci fi RPGs to miniatures war games, board games, collectible card games and more, Hal-Con has something for gamers of all ages and experience levels!

We’ve hosted sanctioned gaming tournaments by partnering with some of the largest game companies in the World, including Repos Production, Days of Wonder, Z-Man Games, and Steve Jackson Games.

Rise To The Challenge!

Are you game for a legendary weekend? Dive into the Weekend Warrior, our series of gaming events spread across Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just looking for fun, these are the events to watch and join! Events in the spotlight include:

  • Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game
  • Heat: Pedal to the Metal
  • Catan National Qualifier
  • Pandemic Survival
  • D&D Epic
  • Red Dragon Inn
  • and more!

Simply participate in one event each day and you’ll earn the exclusive Weekend Warrior pin. Plus, you’ll be entered for a chance to WIN a $50 gift card!

Stay tuned! We’ll be unveiling the full Weekend Warrior schedule, dates, and times in the upcoming weeks. Ready to make your mark? Let the games begin!

Board Game Library

Prefer a more casual gaming experience? Hal-Con’s Board Game Library is a collection of some of the best games of the past and present. During the convention, you can sign out a game at any time (subject to availability) and play with your friends… or make new ones! 

Large epic games, small family-oriented games, social games, card games, miniature skirmish games, old games, new games; there is something for everyone. Grab some friends, browse the library, sign a game out and give it a whirl! We’ll also have game gurus on hand to help you get started or make recommendations for you and your friends.

Game Demos

Our amazing Gaming volunteers run demos of specific games throughout the convention weekend. If you’re new to gaming or perhaps feel a little intimidated by all the activity, this is a great place to start!

Board Games for Kids

Introduce your kids to the magic of gaming at Hal-Con! We have family-friendly game demos run by our team of volunteers.

Hobby Corner

If you’re into miniatures, we have lots to keep you busy at Hal-Con. The Hobby Corner is a dedicated space for con-goers to paint and build minis and models. Bring your own models and supplies, work alongside fellow enthusiasts, and get tips from our resident experts.

Video Games

Want to sit back and enjoy some console games? We’ve got some of the newest generations of consoles for you to play. Choose from a variety of games in the library or stick around to watch someone else show off their skills.

Or maybe you want to play some old-school arcade games? Hal-Con has a whole room of arcade cabinets provided by Silverball Games.

Card Games

Hal-Con offers lots of opportunities to play your favourite collectible card games, including a number of casual Magic: The Gathering events hosted by The Deck Box. Generally, a DCI number is not required for participation.

Year-Round Gaming Events

Hal-Con’s Gaming Team is busy year-round, planning and hosting events for the larger geek and gamer community in Halifax! Follow our Gaming Team socials to keep up-to-date with our gaming events, streams, and community. We’d love to see you at our next event!

Send Us A Message

Do you want to see a specific game at Hal-Con? Send us your suggestions for games, demos, and events here. If you’d like to apply to run a gaming workshop, see Fan-Run Panels for more info!