Gaming at Hal-Con

Hal-Con boasts the largest gaming convention east of Montreal. Hal-Con features 15,000 square feet of gaming on a dedicated floor with 100+ tables offering fans a diverse range of games to play, watch and learn. From the World of Dungeons & Dragons, to miniatures war games, board games, collectible card games and more – Hal-Con has something for gamers of all ages and experience levels.

We’ve hosted sanctioned gaming tournaments by partnering with some of the largest game companies in the World, including Repos Production, Days of Wonder, Z-Man Games and Steve Jackson Games.

Keep an eye on our Gaming News section for the latest updates and special events.

2021 Gaming Schedule

This past year we had a great line-up of table top games, tournaments, tutorials, and more!

You can find the full gaming schedule for Hal-Con 2021 here. Stay tuned for the 2022 gaming schedule.

Board Game Library

A staple of Hal-Con, the Board Game Library is a large collection of some of the best games of the past and present. Large epic games, small family-oriented games, social games, card games, miniature skirmish games, old games, new games, there is something for everyone. Grab some friends, browse the library and sign a game out and give it a whirl! We’ll also have game gurus on hand to help you get started or make recommendations for you and your friends.

Game Demos

Several of our volunteers will be running demos of specific games throughout the weekend. If you’re new to gaming or perhaps feel a little intimidated by all the activity, this is a great place to start.

Board Games For Kids

We all know kids love to play games, after all, we were once that age too. With that in mind, each day, we will have family-friendly game demos run by our team of volunteers. With the holidays coming up, this is also an excellent opportunity for parents to get some gift ideas.

Roleplaying Games

Hal-Con always delivers lots of RPG action for fans of tabletop action of all stripes. The showcase event of Hal-Con Gaming 2016 was our D&D Adventurers League Season 4 Epic: Reclamation of Phlan. Pathfinder Society will be back to run all your PF organized play fun, as well as non-Society Pathfinder games. As always, there will also be several standalone RPG games from a wide variety of games and genres.

Hobby Corner

Enjoy all aspects of the miniatures hobby come down and do some painting and building of models. Bring your own models and supplies. And work along side some fellow painters getting tips from our resident expert. Limited space but tables will be open throughout the weekend. Some painting lessons can be arranged!

Video Games

Our arcade provides all your video gaming needs. This year there will be several video game tournaments and special events ongoing all weekend.

The Hal-Con Arcade will also have free-to-play pinball tables provided by Silverball Games. Xbox Ones, Playstation 4s, and 3 Wii-Us will also be on hand.

Magic: The Gathering

This year we will be hosting a number of casual Magic: The Gathering events hosted by The Deck Box. Since these are casual events, a DCI number is not required for participation!