2017 Guests

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Elden Henson


Elden Henson is best known for playing Fulton Reed in The Mighty Ducks trilogy, Foggy Nelson in Daredevil and Pollux in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 and Part 2. Elden got his start in the business at age two, as a baby model. By the time he was six, he was appearing in numerous commercials; by age ten, he was on his way to becoming a successful child actor. By the time he started high school, John Burroughs High School in Burbank, California, he got his big break, starring in the three The Mighty Ducks (1992) movies as enforcer Fulton Reed. From there, he went on to get rave reviews as Max Kane, the seemingly slow-witted giant in Miramax's The Mighty (1998). Elden...

James Marsters


APPEARING SATURDAY AND SUNDAY JAMES MARSTERS may best be known for the role of Spike, the cult favorite punk-goth vampire that he played for six seasons on the series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and then on the final season of the spin-off show “Angel.” He is a headlining fan favorite at conventions worldwide honoring the show and sci-fi genre. As a sci-fi favorite, Marsters recurred on the series “Smallville,” playing the role of Brainiac, an android who causes a rift between Clark Kent and Lex Luthor. He was also seen in his recurring role on the hit BBC America show “Torchwood,” playing the ruthless and sexually deviant Captain John. Marsters has also recurred on the CBS series “Without ...

Mitch Pileggi


Mitch Pileggi is an American actor best known for his role as Walter Skinner on The X-Files. He also had a recurring role on Stargate Atlantis as Colonel Steven Caldwell and on Supernatural as Samuel Campbell/Azazel. In 2008, he began a recurring role as Ernest Darby in Sons of Anarchy. Perhaps Pileggi's  most notable role was as the surly Assistant Director Walter Skinner on The X-Files.  Skinner first appeared in the episode Tooms in 1994 as a recurring role.  The part expanded due to the character and actor’s popularity, and in 2001 he became a series regular and gradually became the most integral character besides Mulder and Scully. He also portrayed the character in The X-Files: Fight the Future (...

Samuel Anderson


Samuel Anderson is currently best known as Danny Pink on the BBC's Doctor Who, first appearing in "Into the Dalek" August 2014, in the eighth series since the show relaunched in 2005. He appears in every episode of Series 8 except for the series premiere "Deep Breath" and the third episode "Robot of Sherwood", later on becoming the boyfriend to Clara, the Twelfth Doctor's companion. His final appearance as Danny Pink was in the 2014 Christmas special, "Last Christmas", and the last mention of the character was a few times in the ninth series. Anderson can be seen in the ...

Pat Mastroianni


APPEARING SATURDAY AND SUNDAY ONLY Mastroianni was born in Toronto, Ontario. At 13, he tried out for the Degrassi series, and was subsequently cast as Joey Jeremiah. In 1988, Mastroianni won a Gemini Award for Best Continuing Actor in a Leading Role. After Degrassi High ended in 1992.  Degrassi: The Next Generation began in 2001, where Mastroianni reprised his role as Joey for five seasons.  He continues to work in film and television with a vast and diverse resume.

Stacie Mistysyn


APPEARING SATURDAY AND SUNDAY ONLY A member of the classic Degrassi cast, audiences all over the world watched Stacie grow up on TV.  Her award-winning-run as Caitlin Ryan earned her three Gemini nominations and the win for Best Performance by a Lead Actress in a Continuing Dramatic Role in 1990.  She continued her popular role of Caitlin in, Degrassi: The Next Generation engaging a whole new audience. Stacie’s acting/hosting career spans 30 years and includes an extensive list of film, TV and theatre.  In more recent years, she travelled cross-country sharing her love of 80’s music as DJ Mistylicious with InBetween Days. Currently, she is a full-time mom to two toddlers.

Stefan Brogren


APPEARING SATURDAY AND SUNDAY ONLY Stefan Brogren is an actor and producer, known for Degrassi High (1987), Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001) and Degrassi: Next Class (2016). He attended Earl Haig Secondary School in Toronto, Ontario Won a Gemini in 2010 for best direction for a youth program. In School's Out! (1992), he was the first person to use the "F bomb" on Canadian prime time television. He has played the same character (Archie Simpson) in three different series: Degrassi High (1987), Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001) and Degrassi: Next Class (2016)

Kirsten Bourne


APPEARING SATURDAY AND SUNDAY ONLY Kirsten was raised in Toronto and began acting since 1988. Kirsten played Tessa Campanelli on Degrassi Junior High, Degrassi High and the series finale "School’s Out". Kirsten played Tessa for 5 years and enjoyed all of the many parts she played. After completing the series, Kirsten continued her education and became a teacher and then an administrator. Kirsten is married and a mother of three. Kirsten remembers her time on Degrassi fondly and looks forward to meeting all of the fans at Hal-Con and sharing her experiences.

John Kovalic

Comics, Gaming

John Kovalic is a best-selling, award-winning, cartoonist, game designer and writer. The most in-demand illustrator in gaming, millions of copies of his games and books have been sold worldwide, giving his magical, frenetic artwork and unique with a truly global fan base. Games like APPLES TO APPLES (15 million copies sold to date) and MUNCHKIN (4 million) became massive international bestsellers and continue to attract new fans every day. DORK TOWER, John's hit independent comic book, sold 500,000 copies and now delivers continuing adventures online at dorktower.com. John is currently working on a number of new games, a couple of children's books, and DR. BLINK: SUPERHERO SHRINK, his satirical superhero com...

Ryan North

Comics, Authors

Ryan North is a New York Times bestselling author and cartoonist. He is the author of the choose-your-own-path Shakespeare adaptation To Be or Not To Be (which became Kickstarter’s most-funded publishing project when it launched) and its sequel, Romeo and/or Juliet. Ryan also writes the popular webcomic Dinosaur Comics, the critically acclaimed Unbeatable Squirrel Girl comic for Marvel Comics, and he wrote the first thirty-five issues of Adventure Time, for which he won an Eisner Award. That’s like the Oscars of comics! There’s a gala and everything. He lives in Toronto with his wife, Jenn, and their dog, Noam Chompsky.



Gerhard is best known for his work on Cerebus with Dave Sim. A 300-issue series, it is a milestone in comic book publishing as the longest running creator-owned comic book series! For 20 years, Gerhard worked as background artist, environmental designer and cover colorist on the Cerebus graphic novel which has been hailed as, “one of the most sprawling pieces of visual fiction ever created.” His designs and meticulously crafted drawings served to ground even the most fantastic of events, or drastic of stylistic shifts. Under the pressure of a monthly deadline, he honed his skills using the crosshatching technique which has become his particular style and has gained him acclaim throughout Canada, the U.S....

Lateef Martin


Lateef Martin is a graduate from the Illustration & Design program at Dawson College. He is a multi-disciplinary artist, from music production, voice overs, cosplay and graphic design. At the core of it, he is an illustrator with a taste for video games, comics, sci-fi and 80s Saturday morning cartoons. He founded his company Miscellaneum Studios in 2013. Its goal is to deliver next-level entertainment while representing people of color, women, the LGBTQ community and other marginalized communities in a positive light.  Miscellaneum’s first project is called Z’Isle, a comic book series set in Montreal 7 years after a zombie apocalypse. Presently on issue #6, a video game and soundtrack is presently und...

Marguerite Sauvage


Marguerite Sauvage first worked for advertising (Apple, Field Marshal, Citroen, etc.), press (Elle, Cosmopolitan, Flaunt, etc.) and publishing (Penguin, Hachette). In 2008 she worked then in parallel for the animation industry (concept artist and script writer) and for European bande dessinée. In 2014 her work was spotted by Vertigo and she started a career in comics on the covers for Hinterkind. She debuted sequential art on Wonder Woman Sensation Comics and then initiated DC Bombshells series with Marguerite Bennet in August 2015. Her work is visible both on covers and sequential art for Marvel (Secret Wars, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, 1602 Witch Hunter Angela, Captain America, Hellcat), DarkHorse (Zodiac...

Conor McCreery


Conor McCreery is the co-creator of Kill Shakespeare, the swashbuckling tail of Bardicide published by IDW, which has been adapted for the stage, and is being developed for television. He’s also written for Dynamite, Titan, and BOOM! His creator-owned, YA adventure series Catacombers debuts through Papercutz in 2018.

Fernando Ruiz


A 1994 graduate of the Kubert School, Fernando Ruiz has been working as a cartoonist and illustrator for over twenty years. Much of his work has been for Archie Comics and has appeared in many of their various comics and digests. Fernando has been the regular penciller for Archie's Weird Mysteries, the Eisner-nominated Life With Archie magazine, and many other titles. In 2012, he published his own original story, The Iron Ghost, in his independent anthology comic book, EPICS. In 2015, he pencilled the highly-popular crossover series between Archie Comics and Dark Horse Comics, ARCHIE VS PREDATOR. Later that year, Fernando collaborated with his friend and fellow Archie veteran, Dan Parent to work on their o...

Tony White


Tony is a Halifax based Editor for Canada's largest comic book publisher, Chapterhouse Comics. During his time with the publisher, he has helmed some of the company's most popular titles, like Captain Canuck, All New Classic Captain Canuck, Northguard, the Chapterhouse 2016 Summer Special & Die Kitty Die with involvement in new, recently released titles, Freelance and Agents of PACT. His latest editorial endeavours are in the May 2017 Free Comic Book Day issue of Captain Canuck also featuring Die Kitty Die and anthology series, True Patriot Presents. Currently, Tony has moved into the role of Managing Editor for Chapterhouse Comics with responsibilities including creator owned titles like Spirit Leaves, the ...

Tanya Huff


Tanya Huff's 30 novels and 75 short stories include horror, heroic fantasy, urban fantasy, comedy, and space opera. Her Blood series was turned into the 22 episode BLOOD TIES and writing episode nine allowed her to finally use her degree in Radio & Television Arts from Ryerson Polytechnic – a degree she holds in common with Robert Sawyer. They not only attended, and graduated, at the same time but did their third year TV assignment together. Her latest novel is A PEACE DIVIDED (DAW, June 2017), the second Torin Kerr Peacekeeper book. Her next will be the third Peacekeeper book, currently with the working title of PEACE AND CARROTS although she very much doubts she'll be able to keep it.

Tamora Pierce


Tamora Pierce is the winner of the 2013 Margaret A. Edwards Award for Lifetime Achievement in Young Adult Literature, the RT Book Reviews Career Achievement Award, and the 2005 Skylark Edward E. Smith Memorial Award for Imaginative Fiction. She is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of more than 28 fantasy novels for teenagers, and has been Guest of Honor at numerous conventions, including Worldcon 2016. She has written comic books, radio plays, articles, and short stories, and currently devotes her minimal free time to local feline rescue. TORTALL: A SPY’S GUIDE, a collaborative effort with other experts on her Tortall universe, will be out in October of 2017, followed in Spring 2018 ...

Ami McKay


Ami McKay is the bestselling author of three critically acclaimed novels: The Birth House, The Virgin Cure and The Witches of New York. The latter has been described as: “historical fiction with a twist: part Victorian fairytale, part penny dreadful, part feminist manifesto.” While writing Witches, she discovered several women in her family tree who were accused and tried for witchcraft. When not writing she keeps bees, talks to ravens and plays D&D.

Alexander Freed

Author, Gaming

New York Times bestselling author Alexander Freed has worked as a writer and editor in the realms of video games, novels, and comics for over a decade. His video game work includes six years spent at BioWare as well as time consulting with Kabam, Obsidian Entertainment, Stoic, WB Games Montréal, and many others. He has contributed to franchises such as Dragon Age and Mass Effect and worked extensively on products set in the Star Wars universe, including the novels Star Wars: Battlefront: Twilight Company, the novelization of the film Rogue One, and the game Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Tim Hanley

Comics, Authors

Tim Hanley is a comic book historian and the author of Wonder Woman Unbound: The Curious History of the World's Most Famous Heroine, Investigating Lois Lane: The Turbulent History of the Daily Planet's Ace Reporter, and The Many Lives of Catwoman: The Felonious History of a Feline Fatale. His work has appeared in the Los Angeles Review of Books and The Comics Journal, and he writes the monthly "Gendercrunching" column for Bleeding Cool. You can find him on Twitter @timhanley01.

Nicola R. White


Nicola R. White is the award-winning author of the New England Furies urban fantasy romance series. She was born and raised in Halifax, where ghost stories and superstitions abound, and she has always been fascinated by the strange and morbid. In 2017, Nicola looks forward to the launch of a new fantasy series set in Peggy's Cove, and is branching out into game writing and graphic novels. Just a few of her heroes are Buffy, Dana Scully, and Xena: Warrior Princess.

Margarita Gakis


Margarita loves the art, creativity and romanticism of storytelling. Sometimes, however, the act of putting pen to paper proves challenging, elusive. She develops genuine, relate-able characters which grow in the hearts of her readers. From that foundation, the stories flourish into a warm friend. She enjoys pursuits which blur the lines between the analytical and creative sides of her brain. She believes there is a place for both logic and imagination to work together. When they do, the results are magical. She has five books out in the Urban Fantasy Series "Covencraft" and one Gothic Historical Romance under the pen name Margaux Gillis.

Kiss a Frog Cosplay


Kiss a Frog Cosplay (AKA Alicia Renaé) is a 26 year old plus-sized, body-positive Cosplayer from Charleston, WV with a cosplay and J-Fashion career spanning 5 years. She has been featured on the interwebs by AFROPUNK, Black Girl Nerds, Anime Complexium, Art of Cosplay, Black Nerd Problems and many others! Her best known cosplays are her Super Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon, and Princess Tiana. Her specialties are Cosplay makeup, craft foam ears and accessories, and making guides for cosplay posing! Don't forget to check out her panels and stop by and see her at her booth over the weekend to buy prints and say hello!



Panterona is an award winning cosplayer, fashion/costume designer, model and convention organiser from the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago. She has been actively cosplaying for the past 13 years has won a number of cosplay competitions in Trinidad and Tobago, across the Caribbean and most notably the London Film and Comic Con Cosplay Championships in 2015. She has also been the resident Head Judge for the Caribbean Cosplay Championships from its inception for the past four years. Panterona is also the Executive Director of the biggest pop culture convention in her country, “ALIAS Entertainment Expo” and the Editor in Chief of the only pop culture magazine of its kind in the English Speaking Caribbea...

Ri Care


Ri Care has been cosplaying for a little under four years and has grown exponentially in the last two years. She loves to engage with her fans as often as she can through her cosplay and love of video games, anime and all things nerdy. She has begun over the last two years to create more and more of her own costumes from scratch and excels at wig styling especially. Some of her most recent work include Ladybug and Marinette from Miraculous Ladybug costumes, her Espeon Costume, Tinkerbell, Erica Anderson, Black Canary, Caitlyn from League of Legends, Silent Hill Nurse, Heartseeker Quinn, Star Guardian Lux, Vulpix, and more! She is planning on also debuting possibly two new costumes at Hal-Con as well! Some of he...



Wuckajuice is a local cosplay face who’s been floating around for a few years now, usually notable for having a strange fascination for horns and antlers and a personal vendetta against average door frame proportions. Best known of her works are her Lady Loki, Hellgirl, and original design ‘the Sorceress’ (a mishmash of ideas made up for the sake of having something to wear with her ram horns. You can dress her up, but you can’t take her out!) After her childhood aspirations to be a blacksmith were gently shot down (jokes on you, Mum) she settled for foamsmithing and burning herself on worbla and hot glue instead. She’s received a few workmanship awards in nearby conventions in the last year and ha...

Roy Wooley

Makeup Artist

Roy Wooley is an amazing special effects makeup artist and prop master whose impressive resume spans more than two decades and includes work on such box office hits as Zombieland and Rob Zombie’s Halloween II.  In 2012, Roy appeared as a contestant on Syfy’s number one reality show Face Off, where he received the title, “King of Fabrication,” after producing some of the most memorable creations of Season 3. His most notable wins included the robot suit for the Star Wars chall...

Tom Vasel


Tom is the President of the Dice Tower, an audio podcast and video show dedicated to promoting board games and the people who play them. For the last fifteen years, the Dice Tower has published thousands of board game reviews, top ten lists, variety shows, and more - and Tom doesn't intend on stopping any time soon! He is also the father of seven children, and lives in Miami, Florida, talking about games as his full time profession.

Rodney Smith


Rodney had a passion for teaching and playing board games that led him to start a Youtube channel in 2011 dedicated to the idea of sharing the hobby. Since then, Watch It Played has fully taught over 100 games and produced over 750 videos, growing to be the number one source for board game instructional content in the hobby. A project that began as a part time hobby from his basement in Prince Edward Island, has turned into full-time work that now has him working with major publishers in the tabletop industry from all over the world… from that same basement. Keen to spread the hobby further, you’ll find Rodney active on-line and in the community, w...

Fat Apollo

Local Celebrity

Fat Apollo, Michael McCluskey, is a mixture of all things geeky and nerdy rolled up in a crunchy comedic shell. Fat Apollo was the first to harness the raw sexuality of geek culture, and has, 4 times, been voted “Sexiest Person in Halifax”(ending Ellen Page’s undefeated seven-year run), 2nd most Halifamous celebrity and Best Local Character by readers of The Coast magazine. His feature film work features critical, but blink and you’ll miss them, background roles in, Look Who’s Talking, Here’s to Life, and Stephen King’s Needful Things. He was almost in The X-Files, but had to settle for traveling in a tiny float plane with David Duchovny on the day he proposed to Tea Leone. Tea rejected Fat Apo...

Candace Oakley

Local Hero

Candace first attended Hal-Con in 2011 and fell in love with the positive energy and creativity that filled every room. Feeling inspired by the talent that surrounded her, she crafted her first set of armour in 2014 (Shae Vizla, Star Wars: The Old Republic) and took to the costume contest stage, placing third in the Journeyman category. In 2014 Candace joined Hal-Con’s Official Cosplay Street Team. As a recreation therapy graduate with volunteer experience in mental health and long-term care, Candace was thrilled when she was able to combine her love of volunteering with her ever-growing love of cosplay. You can spot this droid obsessed, Halloween fanatic at a variety of charity events and fundraisers, ...

Brendan Dunfee Jr.

Local Hero

In 2012 I was invited to check out Hal-Con for the first time. I only had a Stormtrooper hoodie and a pocket of cash but I had a great time attending a bunch of panels such as MHA's armour making tutorials, the Q&A's and the costume contest. I was hooked! But I never felt I had what it took to make anything. I then watched the infamous Heroes of Cosplay (a show I actually enjoyed!) and began to see some of the techniques and personalities of cosplay. A bunch of YouTube tutorials later and I was making my first costume, Darth Revan.. with only 21 days before Hal-Con 2013! I entered in the costume contest and placed 3rd in the Journeyman category! That was just the fire I needed to keep moving forward and as ...

Barb & Robyn Durling

Local Hero

Barb and Robyn are Halifax costume artists; they are equal parts creative, tenacious, completely insane, and hot glue. Robyn started her costuming journey in 2011, when a friend encouraged her to check out a little event called Hal-Con. As a long-time lover of Halloween, costumes, and videogames, Robyn jumped at the idea of creating a geeky costume. After a successful first year at Hal-Con, Robyn had caught the Cosplay bug and wanted to go bigger and better. She did just that, however, with going bigger meant that she needed a little help carrying her gear, and getting into costume. The classic move was to ask mom for help. With Barb (the mom in question) being just as creative as Robyn, she jumped at the...

Kala Hirtle

Local Hero

Crip Cosplay (Aka Kala Hirtle) is a local cosplayer who is a part of Halcon's Street Team; as a member of this group Kala has had the opportunity to help raise funds for, and support, various charities, including Make a Wish Foundation, Kids Help Phone, and the IWK. Kala started cosplaying as Elsa because she wanted a chance to give back to the IWK and the larger community, having spent time there as a child. As a disabled cosplayer being able to support these organizations and encourage children to cosplay despite disabilities or chronic illnesses is the reason Kala enjoys cosplaying and never shies away from questions about her cane and leg.

Jay Aaron Roy

Local Hero

Born and raised in Fall River, Nova Scotia, Jay Aaron Roy is a local advocate, and the owner and operator of Cape & Cowl Comics & Collectibles in Lower Sackville. Cape & Cowl is a rural neighbourhood comic shop that promotes diverse representation, community connection, love for literacy, and is home to the Leighann Wichman Safe Place drop-in for vulnerable and rainbow youth. Opened in late September of 2014, Jay and the fans of Cape & Cowl will be celebrating three years in business during Hal-Con 2017! Jay is humbled and honoured by being named a Local Hero, and promises to continue to work hard in promoting inclusion, safe spaces, and community initiatives.

The Board Room Game Cafe

Local Hero

The Board Room Game Cafe originated when owner Kris Moulton moved home to Halifax after living in Vancouver and Toronto for the better part of a decade. He had discovered and embraced the board gaming hobby in that time and wanted to turn his passion into a career. He experienced the board game cafe model prospering in Toronto and wanted to bring that idea and excitement to Halifax. 4 years, a second location in Bedford and 1 (soon to be 2) kids later and the Board Room has become more than he ever imagined it would be. Kris met Jon-Paul Decosse at Toronto's Snakes & Lattes in 2013, and offered him the position of General Manager for this new endeavour. He was able to bring his experience in managing a game...