2017 Guests

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Mitch Pileggi


Mitch Pileggi is an American actor best known for his role as Walter Skinner on The X-Files. He also had a recurring role on Stargate Atlantis as Colonel Steven Caldwell and on Supernatural as Samuel Campbell/Azazel. In 2008, he began a recurring role as Ernest Darby in Sons of Anarchy. Perhaps Pileggi's  most notable role was as the surly Assistant Director Walter Skinner on The X-Files.  Skinner first appeared in the episode Tooms in 1994 as a recurring role.  The part expanded due to the character and actor’s popularity, and in 2001 he became a series regular and gradually became the most integral character besides Mulder and Scully. He also portrayed the character in The X-Files: Fight the Future (...

Pat Mastroianni


APPEARING SATURDAY AND SUNDAY ONLY Mastroianni was born in Toronto, Ontario. At 13, he tried out for the Degrassi series, and was subsequently cast as Joey Jeremiah. In 1988, Mastroianni won a Gemini Award for Best Continuing Actor in a Leading Role. After Degrassi High ended in 1992.  Degrassi: The Next Generation began in 2001, where Mastroianni reprised his role as Joey for five seasons.  He continues to work in film and television with a vast and diverse resume.

Stacie Mistysyn


APPEARING SATURDAY AND SUNDAY ONLY A member of the classic Degrassi cast, audiences all over the world watched Stacie grow up on TV.  Her award-winning-run as Caitlin Ryan earned her three Gemini nominations and the win for Best Performance by a Lead Actress in a Continuing Dramatic Role in 1990.  She continued her popular role of Caitlin in, Degrassi: The Next Generation engaging a whole new audience. Stacie’s acting/hosting career spans 30 years and includes an extensive list of film, TV and theatre.  In more recent years, she travelled cross-country sharing her love of 80’s music as DJ Mistylicious with InBetween Days. Currently, she is a full-time mom to two toddlers.

Stefan Brogren


APPEARING SATURDAY AND SUNDAY ONLY Stefan Brogren is an actor and producer, known for Degrassi High (1987), Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001) and Degrassi: Next Class (2016). He attended Earl Haig Secondary School in Toronto, Ontario Won a Gemini in 2010 for best direction for a youth program. In School's Out! (1992), he was the first person to use the "F bomb" on Canadian prime time television. He has played the same character (Archie Simpson) in three different series: Degrassi High (1987), Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001) and Degrassi: Next Class (2016)

Kirsten Bourne


APPEARING SATURDAY AND SUNDAY ONLY Kirsten was raised in Toronto and began acting since 1988. Kirsten played Tessa Campanelli on Degrassi Junior High, Degrassi High and the series finale "School’s Out". Kirsten played Tessa for 5 years and enjoyed all of the many parts she played. After completing the series, Kirsten continued her education and became a teacher and then an administrator. Kirsten is married and a mother of three. Kirsten remembers her time on Degrassi fondly and looks forward to meeting all of the fans at Hal-Con and sharing her experiences.



Gerhard is best known for his work on Cerebus with Dave Sim. A 300-issue series, it is a milestone in comic book publishing as the longest running creator-owned comic book series!

For 20 years, Gerhard worked as background artist, environmental designer and cover colorist on the Cerebus graphic novel which has been hailed as, “one of the most sprawling pieces of visual fiction ever created.” His designs and meticulously crafted drawings served to ground even the most fantastic of events, or drastic of stylistic shifts. Under the pressure of a monthly deadline, he honed his skills using the crosshatching technique which has become his particular style and has gained him acclaim...

Marguerite Sauvage


Marguerite Sauvage first worked for advertising (Apple, Field Marshal, Citroen, etc.), press (Elle, Cosmopolitan, Flaunt, etc.) and publishing (Penguin, Hachette). In 2008 she worked then in parallel for the animation industry (concept artist and script writer) and for European bande dessinée. In 2014 her work was spotted by Vertigo and she started a career in comics on the covers for Hinterkind. She debuted sequential art on Wonder Woman Sensation Comics and then initiated DC Bombshells series with Marguerite Bennet in August 2015. Her work is visible both on covers and sequential art for Marvel (Secret Wars, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, 1602 Witch Hunter Angela, Captain America, Hellcat), DarkHorse (Zodiac...

John Kovalic

Comics, Gaming

John Kovalic is a best-selling, award-winning, cartoonist, game designer and writer. The most in-demand illustrator in gaming, millions of copies of his games and books have been sold worldwide, giving his magical, frenetic artwork and unique with a truly global fan base. Games like APPLES TO APPLES (15 million copies sold to date) and MUNCHKIN (4 million) became massive international bestsellers and continue to attract new fans every day. DORK TOWER, John's hit independent comic book, sold 500,000 copies and now delivers continuing adventures online at dorktower.com. John is currently working on a number of new games, a couple of children's books, and DR. BLINK: SUPERHERO SHRINK, his satirical superhero com...