Hal-Con’s Board of Directors

Hal-Con is a non-profit organization managed and organized by a Board of Directors. These dedicated individuals work together to make high-level decisions about the organization and the areas that fall under their purview. As well as attending to the above items, they are also expected to:

– Attend monthly board meetings
– Vote on important matters and maintain the organization’s by-laws and policies
– Tend to matters throughout the year over email and phone
– Manage teams that fall under their purview

Ongoing Board Recruitment

No positions currently available

Ongoing Committee Recruitment

No positions currently available

Hal-Con’s Volunteer Committee

Hal-Con is run by a team of awesome people who contribute their time and skills year-round to help run the biggest sci-fi and comic convention in Atlantic Canada. Nearly 50 people work on producing Hal-Con. The whole organization is almost 100% volunteer run and most of the committee stay for a few years. It’s no easy gig, but we do our best to make it a fun experience. We have several postings available and invite you to apply.

Time commitment:
– Quarterly meetings for entire committee
– Monthly or semi-monthly meetings with your team
– Average 10-12 hours per month
– Expectation of volunteering during the convention

– Admission to the convention
– Opportunity to peek behind the curtain
– Not-Quite-Monthly “mandatory” fun outings!
– Free or discount admission to year-round public and private events
– Opportunity for resume building, learning new skills, and making new friends
– Free (and pretty nice) committee volunteer shirt
– More warm fuzzies than you can handle

If you have any questions about specific postings, please email the contact listed on that posting for more information. Or, email for general inquiries.